Modern Business Stationery | Why No One Talks About Print Marketing Anymore (And How To Take Advantage)

Modern Business Stationery | Why No One Talks About Print...

Modern Business Stationery | You might think that once you have a logo, you have a brand. While we are definitely advocates of the power of a professionally designed logo, there are other things that can give your business a branding boost. Despite the growing presence of the Internet in our everyday lives, it remains as popular, and as important as ever to communicate via printed materials. Research shows that, although electronic devices are improving, the human eye and brain are still faster and better at processing words printed on paper rather than those on screens. While people will sit down and look for exactly what they want on the Internet, printed marketing can be used to catch people’s attention as they go about their day-to-day affairs.

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If you look at many of the more effective letters and business cards that you have received over the years, it is obvious that most of them were professionally designed. The stationery you choose for your company will help potential clients form an impression of your company. The design should reflect the image that you want your company to project. Today, more and more companies are using custom-designed modern business stationery to convey the image of their businesses to leave a long lasting impression.

Represent the brand | Modern Business Stationery

The whole point of having stationery professionally designed is to end up with a product that is a unique reflection of your business. This is why stock designs and templates simply won’t do. Make sure that you carefully represent the branding when designing your stationery. This isn’t just about the logo, but the choice of color scheme, fonts, imagery, and much more. You have worked hard to develop a unique business and a unique brand; why diminish them by handing out generic business cards and stationery?

Modern Business Stationery | Why No One Talks About Print...

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Choose the right details | Modern Business Stationery

As obvious as it sounds, make sure you always include contact information on your custom-designed items. You will have to choose the most appropriate and important contact details for each stationery item as some of the items may not be big enough to fit them all on. You need to decide what are the critical pieces of information your stationery should convey, and design using this hierarchy of importance so that the key information is positioned obviously and accessibly.

Incorporating your company address, phone number, email address, fax number and any other methods of communication that you feel are important into the design of your stationery will make it easy for potential clients to reach you. It’s a digital world and most people will try to find your products or services online, so make sure to always include your URL address on your stationery! Of all your contact details, this could possibly be the most important!

Use color sparingly | Modern Business Stationery

Color is always an amazing tool with stationery and other marketing materials – it captures attention and makes the read all that bit more interesting! Think carefully about your branding colors, and how you incorporate them into the individual stationery designs. Even if the clients do not consciously register it, well designed stationery leaves a subconscious impact, a statement that you are more professional, and offer just a little more than your competitors.

Color is an extremely powerful tool that can make or break your stationery design – but as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility. Use color sparingly and make the most of the impact it brings to your stationery design.

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Modern Business Stationery | Why No One Talks About Print...

Don’t be afraid of white space | Modern Business Stationery

While you may be tempted to fill in every inch of your stationery with information or pictures, this may result in your stationery becoming too crowded, and a reader will lose interest quite quickly. White space can help break down parts of your stationery and allow you to form sections and prioritize the area of importance. Choosing a design that offers elements of clean white space will help your message stand out.

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Exploit stock characteristics | Modern Business Stationery

Yes, you can print a lot of stationery items like brochures or letterheads from the comfort of your own home or office. However, depending on the equipment you have and the amount of printing you need to do, you may well be better off getting in touch with a local or online printing company to help you out. Choosing high-quality paper for your business stationery can make it appear more professional. A potential client will notice the difference between standard photocopier paper and thick, glossy, high-quality paper. This small detail can be enough to change the perception of your company in the mind of a potential client.

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