Nifty Web Design Tips | 6 Ways To Make Sure Your Website Makes A Killer First Impression

Nifty Web Design Tips | 6 Ways To Make Sure Your Website

Nifty Web Design Tips | Do you remember your first job interview? Most people do, because it was either incredibly successful and you got the job or you stumbled through the entire interview, leaving the worst impression possible. First impressions, however, aren’t only for job interviews and first dates. Much like fashion, website design is constantly evolving with trends and fads coming and going. When it comes to setting up a website that will leave a great first impression on your potential clients, you will always do well to keep everything up to date and on trend.

Nifty Web Design Tips | Website Design –

In today’s digital world, having an online presence is a vital element of the success of any business, big or small. Although great design and colors are critical, it takes a little more finesse to really grab the visitor’s attention. Like the phrase ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder,’ effective website design is judged by the visitors of the website and not the website owners. There are many elements that affect the usability of a website, and it is not just about how good it looks, but also how easy it is to use.

Keep It Clean And Clutter-Free | Nifty Web Design Tips

The world around us has become really cluttered and the Internet is no exception. Ads, banners, icons, badges, signs, pop-ups, buttons, and so on – sometimes it can all get a bit overwhelming. However, simplicity in design is the secret to engaging potential clients on your website. If your website is cluttered, it can reflect poorly on you and your business, so you have to prioritize messages accordingly. Whilst it is OK to have one or two special effects to jazz up your website, spinning graphics and logos often distract your visitor from the content, not to mention they can take too long to load. Your visitors may click away even before your spinning logo finishes loading.

Nifty Web Design Tips | 6 Ways To Make Sure Your Website

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Don’t Make Me Think | Nifty Web Design Tips

User experience is the key to any good web design. People should be able to navigate throughout your site without confronting dead ends that cause them to abandon your website altogether. So instead of placing links to less important pages that distract from your call to action or important content at the top of your home or landing pages, put less important links or pieces of information at the bottom of a page in the footer. Make it easy for visitors to navigate your website to quickly find what it what it is they want to buy from you.

Make Sure It Matches Your Brand | Nifty Web Design Tips

A strong brand identity is vitally important because you want your website to look as professional as possible and instill confidence in potential clients, as part of your strategy to boost sales. Before attempting to design a website, businesses must first identify their core brand values. It is crucial that these values are reflected in the company’s online presence and that they meet the expectations of the company’s target audience. Make sure you use the same logo on the rest of your marketing materials, as well as on invoices and other business communications to build a consistent and memorable brand.

Make Your Text Easy To Read | Nifty Web Design Tips

Text is important. It’s there to provide information and answer questions even before they’ve been asked. With that said – don’t make your readers squint to read it. In general, Sans Serif fonts such as Arial and Verdana are easier to read on computer screen (Sans Serif fonts are modern looking fonts without decorative finishes). The optimal font size for reading easily online is 16px and stick to a maximum of 3 typefaces in a maximum of 3 point sizes to keep your design streamlined.

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Nifty Web Design Tips | 6 Ways To Make Sure Your Website

Keep It Fresh | Nifty Web Design Tips

In the online world, content is key. Creating quality content on a regular basis is the most effective way to attract Internet traffic. You don’t want visitors to see outdated content and think your business isn’t active online, which could damage your bottom line. Your website is the face of your business to the world. Make sure it conveys effectively that your company is up to date on industry trends and is actively engaged by regularly creating new content.

Nifty Web Design Tips | Website Design –

Get The Most Out Of The Mobile Version Of Your Site | Nifty Web Design Tips

What good is a professional-looking website if it’s not professional-looking on mobile devices? In today’s world, zilch. It is now normal to access websites from multiple devices with multiple screen sizes, so it is crucial to consider if your website is mobile friendly. If your website is not mobile friendly, you can either rebuild it in a responsive layout (this means your website will adapt to different screen sizes) or you can build a dedicated mobile site (a separate website optimized for mobile users).

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