Online Marketing Guide | How To Use The Power Of The Internet To Market Your Photography Business Like A Pro

Online Marketing Guide | How To Use The Power Of The Internet To ...

Online Marketing Guide | Marketing your photography business will be one of the most important tasks on your way to success – and it never stops. You’ll need to keep a constant eye on the results of your marketing efforts and see what works, what doesn’t, and what needs tweaking. At the end of the day, trends come and go, and if you’re not staying on top of your game, you risk falling behind your competitors and losing clients! However, there are things you can do to drive your business forward.

Online Marketing Guide | Website Design –

And unlike what many marketing agencies would have you believe, you don’t need a big marketing budget either: marketing doesn’t have to be time-consuming, overwhelming, or expensive if you work a bit smarter. In fact, you can start marketing your photography business today without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Want to know how? Read on to find out everything you need to know in order to use the power of the internet to market your services, boost exposure, and grow your business!

Your Website Is The Central Hub Of Your Online Presence | Online Marketing Guide

While many photographers out there are claiming to be marketing their businesses using only social media, having a professionally designed website will make your life a lot easier. Not only is the website a great way to showcase your work to your potential clients and reach a much wider audience, but it will also help you build a reputation of a reliable industry expert. It will also help your potential clients find your profiles across the web and engage with you in a way they know and feel comfortable using. Keep in mind, though, that your work should take the center stage, so don’t go overboard with the design. Simple is almost always better.

Blog With A Purpose | Online Marketing Guide

Having a website is great. Having a website with a blog is even better! Photographers don’t update their portfolios that often, which means your visitors don’t have too many reasons to keep coming back to your website after they’re done viewing your work. However, if you include a blog on your website, and share tips and tricks that might appeal to your target audience and blog about the funny behind the scenes situations, they’ll have a reason to keep coming back. And to top it all off, you’ll have unique and creative content to share on social media.

Online Marketing Guide | How To Use The Power Of The Internet To ...

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Another benefit of having a regularly updated blog is search engine optimization. By blogging about industry-related topics, you’ll boost your search engine rankings if you use your target keywords throughout your posts. This is more important than you think, as search engines index only the text, which means they almost ignore images – and we’re talking about a photography website here, after all. Using keywords in your blog posts will considerably boost your rankings, which will translate into more visitors, and ultimately more paying clients.

Rock Your Social Media | Online Marketing Guide

Social media is one of the most powerful tools any business can use, and photographers are no exception. Social media produces almost double the marketing leads of trade shows, telemarketing or direct mail, so figure out where your target audience is and get on their radar. Keep in mind that it’s called social for a reason – don’t just bombard your followers with direct sales messages. Instead, join the conversation and share your blog posts, as well as the content you stumble upon online. This way, you’ll not only be building your online presence, but also the reputation of a reliable industry expert.

Leverage The Power Of Email | Online Marketing Guide

If you’re not using email to market the services and the products you’re providing, you need to start today! If you already have a website set up, you need to find a way to capture your visitors’ email addresses, and the best way to do it is to set up a newsletter signup box. Then, offer a special discount for signing up, or a free gift that won’t cost you too much, but has high perceived value. Make sure you’re not emailing your subscribers every time you have a new blog post up – instead, email them when you’re running a special discount, win an award, or offer a new service or product.

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Online Marketing Guide | How To Use The Power Of The Internet To ...

Word Of Mouth Can Make You Or Break You | Online Marketing Guide

We all rely on social validation when facing a difficult decision! Not sure which smartphone to buy? We read the reviews. Not sure what to watch on Netflix next? We read the reviews. The same goes for photographers, and it’s your job to find a way to get the most out of the reviews and testimonials. For starters, consider setting up a testimonials page on your website and offer a reward to your satisfied clients if they’re willing to write a quick testimonial about the experience they had working with you!

Online Marketing Guide | Website Design –

To get the best results, set up a questionnaire with leading questions your clients can fill out if you want to avoid the generic “They were great! The pictures are great! 5 stars!” testimonials. Then, publish the testimonials on your website and ask your clients to share them with their friends and followers on social media. People are far more likely to believe a testimonial written by one of their friends than an ad they stumble upon online or in their local newspapers.

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