Online Photography Marketing Tips | Moving your Photography Business Online: Blogging, Social Media & Online Advertising

Online Photography Marketing Tips | Moving Your Photography Business

Online Photography Marketing Tips | One of the challenges of running a successful photography business is figuring out how to get clients. You’ve got the technical knowledge and skills, but what about the business and marketing side? We live in a digital age, so photographers have to be able to find and engage with potential clients wherever they live within the digital space. Strapped for cash and looking for ways to create buzz around your business? No problem. Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive or overwhelming if you are willing to put in the time and work smarter.

Online Photography Marketing Tips | Website Design –

In today’s competitive photography market, taking amazing pictures is only half of your business — savvy online marketing skills are vitally important as well. Whether you’re just starting out and trying to attract your first paying clients or an owner of a well-established photography studio, these simple tips will help you grow your network, re-energize your marketing strategies, and take your profits to new levels.

Internet Marketing Golden Rule: Avoid Flash Websites | Online Photography Marketing Tips

We’ll kick this off by taking a look at the very object of your internet marketing and SEO plans, your photography website, and why it’s a really good idea to avoid Flash-based websites whenever possible. Websites built using Flash might look, well, “flashy,“ but they take a long time to load, are not search engine friendly, some devices can’t even display them, and they often look overdone. Google despises them so much that it doesn’t even bother to index them directly, relying only on external links to reveal their presence.

Online Photography Marketing Tips | Moving Your Photography Business

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Blogging Is Essential | Online Photography Marketing Tips

Starting a blog will help you become a thought leader within the photography space. It gives your potential clients a peek into what you are all about, what you can do for them, where you work is headed and what your core values are. Your blog is essentially a blank canvas to express your creative ideas, share bits about your personal life, communicate your unique style, educate clients, share images and showcase products. Think of it this way: a website is like a brochure, whereas a blog is like an ongoing conversation.

Optimize Your Website For Search Engines | Online Photography Marketing Tips

Search engine optimization is not as overwhelming as it sounds. People search the web using words, so it’s no surprise that the search engines rely more on text than anything else! Even the images and videos stored in the search index are there because of the text descriptions and keywords associated with them. If you have a blog, it’s easy to get started with search engine optimization. All you have to do is include keywords in text, tags and images that will help clients find you.

Social Media Can Make Or Break Your Business | Online Photography Marketing Tips

The popularity of social media networks like Facebook and Twitter has changed the way we communicate online and how brands can engage with their target audience. Get active on any and all social media networks your ideal client uses. It only requires about 10-20 minutes a day, and you will start seeing your reputation grow. Why would you want to get on Facebook when you are already blogging? Because that’s where your potential clients are, and it’s another way to connect with them in a fun, social way. You’ll learn their interests, gain an understanding of their tastes and needs, build relationships and make a name for yourself in the photography industry.

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Online Photography Marketing Tips | Moving Your Photography Business

Backlinks To Your Website Count | Online Photography Marketing Tips

This is arguably the most important factor in improving your SEO. Each link represents an “endorsement” and the number of links basically determines how much of your website will be indexed by the search engines, and where you appear in search results. In short, the higher the authority of the linking website, the more SEO value your website will get from it. For example, one link from CNN might be worth 100 links from websites with low ranking. It’s therefore important to try to get as many links as possible from high-influence websites.

Online Photography Marketing Tips | Website Design –

Grow Your Email List | Online Photography Marketing Tips

A legitimate mailing list only consists of people who chose to be on it (subscribed via your website or gave you explicit permission to email them in any other way). They want to hear about your business and about the services you are offering. They may even love your work enough that they want to receive an email every time you update your blog with new pictures. These people are priceless. The more people willing to get your updates you have, the better your business results will be.

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