Online Photography Marketing Tricks | Shake Up Your Marketing Strategy With These 5 Simple Hacks

Online Photography Marketing Tricks | Shake Up Your Marketing Strategy ...

Online Photography Marketing Tricks | The world of marketing has changed quite a lot. Not so long ago, all photographers had to do was put out an ad in local newspapers and sit back waiting for the phone to start ringing off the hook. Nowadays, almost no one will pick up the phone and book a photographer whose ad they saw in a magazine. Instead, we all turn to the Internet, whether we want to find a wedding photographer, or check out the portfolio of a photographer a friend recommended. Your potential clients, my friend, are no exception!

Online Photography Marketing Tricks | Website Design –

Setting up a solid and effective marketing strategy is quite a challenge. However, if you’re serious about your photography business, you’ll need to tackle it sooner or later. In the past, the main obstacle to a great marketing strategy was the cost – not all photographers had a budget for a full-blown marketing strategy. With the introduction of the world wide web, though, photographers got a plethora of affordable and free marketing tools and platforms. In fact, you have so many options that choosing the best ones is the most challenging part, not budgeting. So, to help you make the most out of your efforts, we put together a short list of the most effective elements of a successful online marketing strategy. Let’s check them out!

Your Website Is Absolutely Everything | Online Photography Marketing Tricks

When it comes to online marketing, setting up a good website is absolutely vital. Not so long ago, you had to carry around a physical portfolio book from a meeting to a meeting, hoping to book a session. Today, however, your potential clients can view your work 24/7. We’re pretty sure your photos are amazing – but what about the way you showcase them? If your website fails to leave the right impression, a potential client will move onto another website without giving you a second thought. So, what can you do to turn your website into your most powerful sales tool?

Online Photography Marketing Tricks | Shake Up Your Marketing Strategy ...

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There are a few things, actually. First, avoid using cheap templates and opt for a custom design. You’re a part of an incredibly creative industry, and your website needs to showcase that. Then, focus on accessibility. Almost half of all the Internet users are using mobile devices to access the Internet, which means you need to optimize your website for mobile devices as well. And lastly, if you want your potential clients to take the next step after they’re done viewing your portfolio, make contacting you as easy as possible. Set up a contact page with a contact form, but also include the most important details in the footer or the header of each page.

The Internet Is Powered By Text | Online Photography Marketing Tricks

Your potential clients are coming to your website to check out your work, so the more photos you include, the better? Not necessarily. You see, they come to your website because they found it listed in search engine results. And the only way to get there is to give search engines what they like – text. However, photography websites are notorious for the lack of text. This can be easily fixed – set up a blog page on your website. Yeah, yeah, you’re not a blogger. But you want your potential clients to find your website, right?

A regularly updated blog will allow you to use your target keywords, which will definitely boost your rankings. Not only do search engines track the frequency of target keywords, but they pay attention to freshness as well. This means the more often and more regularly you update your website, the better you’ll rank. But it’s not just search engines that will appreciate this. If you update your portfolio once or twice a year, there’s no reason for a potential client to come back to your website after they’re done viewing your portfolio. A regularly updated blog will give them just that!

Conquer Social Media | Online Photography Marketing Tricks

Another benefit of a regularly updated blog is unique content. While other photographers share the same generic content they stumble upon online, you’re in charge of your own content. Just make sure it’s something that will appeal to your target audience. And you’ll need creative content, as direct sales messages are a big no-no on social networks. Instead, your goal should be to engage your target audience in a meaningful, informative, and fun conversation. Share tips and tricks for better sessions, talk about funny situations behind the camera, and answer each and every question to build a reputation of a reliable source of information and an industry leader.

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Online Photography Marketing Tricks | Shake Up Your Marketing Strategy ...

Got Some Extra Cash On Your Hands? | Online Photography Marketing Tricks

Most of the available online marketing tools are free, which means even the absolute beginners with no budget whatsoever can afford to start marketing their services and products. However, if you’ve got some extra cash lying around, consider investing it in paid advertising. Ever noticed those sponsored posts on Facebook shared by pages you aren’t following? Or the first few search results that stand out from the rest of the results? Those are paid ads disguised as regular content. Those get clicked. A lot!

Online Photography Marketing Tricks | Website Design –

The great thing about paid advertising online is that it can be highly targeted, unlike print advertising. Sure, you might be getting a lot of eyes on your ad in the local newspapers, but how many of them are your potential clients? Both Facebook and Google, as well as all other social networks and search engines, will allow you target a specific audience based on age, gender, location, personal preferences, and even financial and marital status, which means every penny you spend will be spent well.

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