Personal Brand | You, Inc.: The Key Elements of Your Personal Brand

Personal Brand | You, Inc.: The Key Elements of Your Person...

Personal Brand | In business, having a successful career can more than often be about personal branding, and creating connections with others in the same industry. Regardless of the type of business you may be a part of, and whether your company is on Wall Street, or in the basement of your own house, you have a personal brand. A lot of people are aware of the influence that big brands have on our decision-making process, but you have to realize now that you too represent your own brand, as much as companies such as Nike or Ikea represent sports shoes and Swedish furniture.

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You don’t want to build your personal brand to feed your ego. You want to build it so you can get more opportunities. The bigger your brand, the easier it will be to make deals for your small business, and gain opportunities that you couldn’t have before. So, how do you get started with personal branding, and how do you continue to build your brand?

Use Social Media To Market Your Brand | Personal Brand

Social media platforms have given us a simple way to broadcast our personal messaging to the world, in order to achieve our goals. Just remember, when creating a personal brand, not all publicity is good publicity. You can build up a professional online presence by being extremely careful with what you share on social media websites.

For professional purposes, you have LinkedIn to connect with others in your business. A strong LinkedIn profile can project your brand very well, and because it is a professional networking platform, you’re sure to reach your targeted audience. For sharing with friends and family, there’s Facebook. Pinterest is where you can show off your interests. Instagram is for visual self-expression. Choose wisely which platform can benefit your brand the most.

Personal Brand | You, Inc.: The Key Elements of Your Person...

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Be Unique | Personal Brand

This is very much a tip that applies both to personal, and business brands. The unique selling point is what will help you stand out in a very crowded environment, so you should think about how you can stand out. Try defining your strengths: what are your gifts and what are you good at? What makes you different from everyone else? Remember that thing, and use it to build your personal brand.

Find Your Voice And Stick With It | Personal Brand

In the same way that a personal brand should be customized for the person, its message should also be specific for its audience. A goal in the development of your personal brand should be building a tribe, that is, a growing community of dedicated fans. You have to discover how to express yourself as the unique individual you are.

One of the most crucial elements of a great brand is consistency, and it’s even more vital when it’s a person. Behave consistently in social media, and you will be effortlessly building your personal brand in the process – post by post, picture by picture, moment-by-moment.

Build A Personal Website | Personal Brand

Once you’ve decided what you want from your personal brand, the next step is to make it available to the world online. A website is the perfect opportunity for personal branding, because it gives your audience the professional information they need, while also providing them with insight into your personal tastes and style. For the best results, design a website with blog entries, pictures of professional achievments, your resume, and samples of your work.

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Personal Brand | You, Inc.: The Key Elements of Your Person...

Create Content | Personal Brand

Your personal brand is reflected in the content you create and share. Creating content to showcase your expertise must be at the core of your personal branding strategy. There are no excuses anymore; starting a blog is more affordable than ever. Don’t like to write? Create a video podcast using your smartphone. Focus on sharing your knowledge, but at the same time, don’t be afraid of having a strong point of view. Say what you believe. No one values a mundane brand.

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Walk The Walk | Personal Brand

If you are making proclamations in your personal brand communication, but not following it through in real life, you are going to get found out. You should live by your brand values – history is littered with companies whose failed products do not live up to their brand values, so don’t fall into their trap.

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