Personal Brands | Make A Name For Yourself: 5 Personal Branding Power Tips

Personal Brands | Make A Name For Yourself: 11 Personal Br...

Personal Brands | One of the vital aspects of your career is your personal brand – which is essentially how you choose to present yourself. Everybody has one. Personal branding is just a way of selling yourself, and it’s never been more important, thanks to social media. While in some cases we can thank reality television for turning ordinary people into writers, product developers, spokespeople and marketers, the truth is that the concept of selling yourself has been around for decades. As a brand, we can use the same strategies that make celebrities or corporate brands appeal to others. We can build brand equity just like them.

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Personal branding enables you to define yourself and make an impression that might be even more memorable than a standout cover letter. When building your personal brand, you should spend time self-reflecting and considering how others view you, especially online. Building a successful personal brand starts with knowing yourself. So what does your brand say about you? What do you want it to say?

What makes you great? | Personal Brands

Your personal brand represents who you are, so you can’t possibly brand yourself if you’re clueless about yourself. This doesn’t mean navel-gazing, but rather a realistic assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, what you love doing, and the skills that you’ve mastered or are trying to master. Brands are built on superlatives. What do you do better than anyone else in the industry? What’s your superpower? If there is nothing unique about your strengths, you’re merely a commodity. You must know what makes you stand out from the crowd of people who do what you do.

How sharp is your narrative? | Personal Brands

What do you say when someone asks: “what have you been up to lately?” Don’t waste the opportunity, as so many do, with a ridiculous platitude (“not much” or “same old, same old”). It’s crucial to make sure you always have something to contribute to the conversation, which shows you’re staying current and interested in new challenges.

Personal Brands | Make A Name For Yourself: 11 Personal Br...

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People often don’t get the recognition they deserve, simply because they have a difficult time promoting themselves or bringing themselves attention. But it’s unwise to rely on others to speak up about your accomplishments, and letting them go unnoticed could get in the way of great opportunities.

Create a realistic personal brand | Personal Brands

Create a personal brand that is a better version of yourself, but don’t steer away too far from the real you. Actors can leave their characters behind when they walk off a set, but you have to live your brand every day. So, keep it authentic. One of the most important elements of a great brand is consistency, and it’s even more important when it’s a personal brand. Behave consistently in social media and you will be building your personal brand in the process – post by post, picture by picture, moment by moment.

Use social media to market your new online brand | Personal Brands

Once you’ve created an effective brand for your target audience, share your new self with your network. Buy the domain name that corresponds to your name and secure the Facebook page, Twitter account, Google+ account as well. Establishing a professional online presence can be as easy as changing your privacy settings on Twitter and Facebook and making your public information more work-appropriate.

One of the best methods to highlight your skills, knowledge, experiences, accomplishments, abilities, and successes is LinkedIn. It is the standard bearer with regard to your online reputation, and it is often the first Google search result that shows up when people search for you. A strong LinkedIn profile can convey your brand very effectively, and since it is a professional networking platform, you’re sure to hit your targeted audience.

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Personal Brands | Make A Name For Yourself: 11 Personal Br...

Moral compass: Mom | Personal Brands

A good way to test, and protect your personal brand is to ask yourself, “What would my mom say?” You need to create your personal brand in light of who you actually are. Look at your beliefs, your likes, where you shine, how you like to dress etc. When you strip away the mask, who are you really, and how can you show up in a way that allows your true authentic self to show through?

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The mom test helps you align your personal brand marketing with your core values. So if you ever wonder whether your actions are helping or harming your brand, ask yourself whether your mom would approve.

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