Personalized Business Stationery Design | Turn Your Stationery Items Into A Powerful Sales Force With These Six Ridiculously Simple Tips

Personalized Business Stationery Design | Turn Your Stationery Item...

Personalized Business Stationery Design | Even though we live in an age of digital communication, there’s still a lot left to be said about printed business stationery. Sure, you have Facebook and LinkedIn to connect with your existing and potential clients, but nothing can beat a letter written on a personalized piece of stationery, or a luxurious business card handed out at a networking event.

Personalized Business Stationery Design | Website Design –

However, not all stationery items are created equal – you can find a free template online and have a package of stationery items delivered to your front door for less than $20 nowadays. What many business owners often forget is that these cheap stationery items have telltale signs that they’ve been designed by amateurs or printed on paper that’s not up to the standards of the products or the services you’re providing. If you decide to cut corners on business stationery, what does that say about your business in general to your potential clients?

Nail Your First Impression | Personalized Business Stationery Design

Business stationery will oftentimes be the very first contact your potential clients have with you and your business, which means you need to make sure the impression it makes is the best possible one. Think about it, your potential clients will begin building their opinion of you the moment they take the letter out of its envelope, long before they even read what you’ve got to say to them.

Personalized Business Stationery Design | Turn Your Stationery Item...

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Boost Brand Awareness | Personalized Business Stationery Design

You will use your stationery to provide your existing and potential clients with important information, whether you’re telling them all about an upcoming sale or handing out a business card with the most important contact details, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to boost brand awareness. Studies have found that people have to come in contact with a brand up to seven times before they remember it, which means you need to ensure every stationery item you send or hand out needs to look, feel, and sound like it came from the same source. Business stationery can reinforce your brand by clearly featuring your logo, using the same color scheme throughout, or even the same fonts you’re using on your website.

Make Contacting You As Easy As Possible | Personalized Business Stationery Design

Try not to get so carried away with the glitz and glamour when designing your personalized business stationery that you forget its intended purpose – it’s a delivering mechanism for your message and there are certain elements you need to keep in mind, like the contact information. This is a vital element of every stationery item, but keep in mind that you’ll have to choose the most appropriate details because some of the items will not be large enough to accommodate every piece of information.

Say It With Color | Personalized Business Stationery Design

Color can be an incredibly powerful tool when used correctly – it can help make your stationery items really pop and guide the attention through the most important elements, but you need to make sure that the colors you choose actually work well together. A mishmash of contrasting colors will definitely stand out from even the largest pile of papers, but it might be for all the wrong reasons. Try and keep your selection of colors to 2-3 colors max. Any more and your stationery item will end up turning off your potential clients.

Readability Is Paramount | Personalized Business Stationery Design

We’ve seen quite a few stationery items that, while appealing, were absolutely useless, and the most common cause was a poor choice of fonts! You might have seen a lovely calligraphic font last night while browsing Pinterest, but that doesn’t mean you should use it for your stationery items. Make sure the fonts you choose for your stationery are actually readable – don’t use fonts smaller than 8pt, and stick to the tried and tested fonts such as Helvetica for larger blocks of text.

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Personalized Business Stationery Design | Turn Your Stationery Item...

Make It Interactive | Personalized Business Stationery Design

Even though printed materials come with a rather limited space you can use to convey the information needed, that doesn’t mean you can’t cheat a little bit and incorporate your digital side as well. For example, you can include a QR code on the back side of your business card, or in the letterhead. Not only will a QR code help you convey a lot more information on a business card, but it will also spark some interest. Think about it – if you had a business card in your wallet with a QR code, would you resist the temptation to scan it and see where it leads?

Invest In The Right Paper | Personalized Business Stationery Design

Even when you’re done designing your stationery items, your work is still not over. You will want to choose the best paper stock when the time comes to print your stationery items – go with a thicker stock that will prevent your business cards from getting dented or torn in a wallet, and use thicker paper for your letters as well. Thicker paper tends to look more expensive, which will help your business to appear a lot more reliable and luxurious.

Personalized Business Stationery Design | Website Design –

Double-Check Everything | Personalized Business Stationery Design

Once you’re done designing the stationery and you’ve chosen the right paper for printing, ask the printer for a test copy or two to check if everything is the way it should be. Does the color look as good as it did on your computer screen? Is the copy readable? Are the information correct and up to date? The last thing you want is have hundreds of business cards printed and then realize you included your old email address.

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