Photo Business Branding | 5 Brand Building Secrets for Photographers

Photo Business Branding | 5 Brand Building Secrets...

Photo Business Branding | Think about your brand as your touch point. Every single way you reach your customers and potential clients from your logo to your marketing and your product to your customer service is basically your brand. Many photographers are worried that the clients they are competing for in this tough environment won’t know the dissimilarity between the real deal and the weekend warriors. Your brand must showcase not only your work in the best imaginable way, but your personality as well. Branding is your opportunity to show the world who you are, and why they should hire you. If a photo business owner loves and is proud of the look they present to the world, they will attract the right clients and have lots of self-assurance while doing it. A brand should imprint a specific image in the minds of your clients. It is a critical part of any business marketing strategy because it focuses on the relationship between the business and the client. It should determine your customer’s expectations, but also meet those expectations.

Photo Business Branding | Website Design –

Unique Selling Proposition | Photo Business Branding

Before you can begin to sell your product or service to anybody else, you have to sell yourself on it. This is particularly important when your product or service is similar to those around you. Very few businesses are one-of-a-kind. While a superior product and outstanding service are the groundwork for growing a company that goes the distance, there is an opportunity to use differentiation as a competitive advantage in order to really stand out. Instead of trying to be known for everything, businesses with a unique selling proposition stand for something specific, and it becomes what you’re known for.

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Photo Business Branding | 5 Brand Building Secrets...

Know Who You’re Speaking To | Photo Business Branding

Successful businesspersons know with precision the wants, wishes and buying behaviors of specific individuals. They have examined the size of the market or the number of potential customers that fit the target profile. However good your product or service is, the simple truth is that no-one will buy it if they don’t want it or trust they don’t need it. And you won’t persuade anyone that they want or need to buy what you’re offering unless you evidently understand what it is your customers really want. To influence customers’ decisions, you need to understand the decision-making process. Customers can decide speedily or slowly, and their decisions will be guided by facts or by emotions.

Create Your Visual Identity | Photo Business Branding

Visual identity is a mixture of color schemes, designs, words, and other graphic elements that a business employs to make a visual statement about itself and to communicate its business philosophy and value proposition. Your logo provides the starting point. Many studies show that people are more reactive to visual images than text. It’s easier to recall a difficult image than it is a long sentence, for example. That is why your logo has to incorporate all of the feelings and elements of your business image and convey them all in a glance.

Consistency | Photo Business Branding

You should be consistent with your brand across all platforms, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, your website, your business card, billboard or television ads. Your brand identity needs to remain consistent so that everyone has the similar idea of your business. For example, if the logos and colors on your photo business signs are different from those on your business cards, you might be losing business without even knowing it. A client’s purchase decision is a very fragile process, and you should do as much as you can to make it an easy decision.

Promotion | Photo Business Branding

Having a plan on how you will promote yourself, your products and services will help build a sturdier brand. Decide if you want to promote your business locally or nationally. Then come up with a plan that works with how you envisage for your brand. Photography and online promotion go hand in hand really well. Photography businesses find it easy to communicate with target audiences online and are not considered spam, because they create quality content.

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Photo Business Branding | 5 Brand Building Secrets...

Photo Business Branding | Website Design –

It’s essential that you have a website that showcases the best of your work. It doesn’t need to be a widespread catalogue of all your images over the years, if anything; it needs to be a simple site that shows a balanced selection of your imagery.

Your brand is one of the most valuable possessions of your business, and it needs to be carefully-crafted to ensure that it accurately represents the business and resonates with your audience. A well-managed brand identity creates a strong emotional link, and a strong emotional link fosters customer loyalty.

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