Photographers Internet Marketing | Effective Photography Marketing that Gets You Clients

Photographers Internet Marketing | Effective Photography Marketing...

Photographers Internet Marketing | Living in a digital age, photographers need to locate and interact with their clients wherever they live within the digital world. Talented photographers have never had this amount of access to so many cheap and easy, yet effective ways to market themselves. Photographers are missing out on a great opportunity if they are not utilizing all their marketing options. Remember that being mindful of the quality of your products and services is still a number one priority in any serious business. But it’s also important to understand how to attract new clients and keep current customers, so your business skills can turn into a profit. This is where marketing comes into play as a major role in every part of your photography business.

Whether you’re a startup or have been running your photography business for years, marketing is something you have to dedicate time to each week.

Photographers Internet Marketing | Website Design –

1. Social Media | Photographers Internet Marketing

The presence of social media networks like Facebook and Twitter have changed the way people interact online and how brands can communicate with their customers. Always be active on any and all social media networks and start talking to photography enthusiasts directly. Make the photos outstanding! They have to be your best of the best, crazy amazing photos. If it means to post only 3 photos a day, then post only 3 photos a day. Don’t forget your branding. When people view the images on their friend’s wall, they will see that you posted your photo and might click on your link, but you want to make sure that branding always sticks in their mind.

Photographers Internet Marketing | Effective Photography Marketing...

2. Create a Website | Photographers Internet Marketing

If your web page clearly communicates your capabilities, your personality, your brand, and your fees (either explicitly or implicitly through design elements and word usage), then it makes your business more effective. You don’t want your time to be spent in dealing with people that don’t have a clear understanding of what you do or don’t have the proper budget. The first and probably the most important aspect of your site are photos – make sure they load quickly and are displayed large. Your web page is often the first opportunity you have to establish your brand and distinguish yourself with potential clients. Through the selection of your photos, use of color, typography, logos and graphics, and even music, you have the opportunity to create your own unique brand.

3. Email | Photographers Internet Marketing

It is one of the most powerful online marketing methods available. Decide the timing and how often you will send out emails. A minimum of once a month is absolutely essential and once a week is preferred. Be aware of time zones, research peak open times and become acquainted with the patterns of response: time of day, day of the week, months, and seasons. The future of email marketing strategy is making your conversations more personal. If your strategies are hyper-relevant, the more engagement and revenue they will generate.

Photographers Internet Marketing | Effective Photography Marketing...

Photographers Internet Marketing | Website Design –

4. Contests and Giveaways | Photographers Internet Marketing

Spread the word about your business by giving away your products or services. This marketing tool allows you to gather crucial information about potential customers. Choose a prize, such as a product basket, month of service or free consultation. Everyone enjoys getting something for free. Actually, one of the reasons that people ‘like’ a brand’s Facebook page is so that they can either obtain a discount or win something. The goal that you choose will determine the type of contest and entries that you will run. In addition, you also need to establish your budget for these kinds of promotions.

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