Photography Blog Tips | Everything You Wanted To Know About Blogging!

Photography Blog Tips | Everything You Wanted To Know About Blogging!

Photography Blog Tips | It today’s saturated photography industry, it’s important to stand out from the crowd of competitors and grab the attention of your potential clients. And if you ever googled ways to market your photography business, you probably noticed that blogging on a regular basis is an important element of pretty much every marketing strategy for photographers. What these articles fail to explain, however, why exactly you should care about blogging.

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You’ve heard countless times that you should be blogging, and you’ve seen other photographers do it, and you’re thinking about starting your own blog or you even tried to work it into your daily schedule, but ended up giving up after a week or two. You haven’t seen any results, so why should you keep doing it? Well, benefits of a regularly updated blog are pretty much countless, and we’ll cover the most important ones down below, so let’s get started!

A Blog Is Like A Conversation | Photography Blog Tips

Having a portfolio website is pretty much expected nowadays. This will be your ultimate marketing tool that not only showcases your work, but also provides your potential clients will all the contact details they need to reach out to you and hire you. Sounds familiar? A website sounds much like a brochure, doesn’t it? This is where blogging comes into to give your website that extra punch.

Photography Blog Tips | Everything You Wanted To Know About Blogging!

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Photographers hold a great deal of trust – your clients need to be able to relax and trust you, and they need to feel comfortable enough to work with you. if you blog on a regular basis, whether it’s about the funny situations you encounter behind the camera, or about the tips and tricks for a better session, they’ll get a sense of who you are as a person and they’ll feel like they know you long before they pick up the phone to schedule a session, and they’ll feel much more comfortable while working with you!

Search Engines Absolutely Love Blogs | Photography Blog Tips

Search engines index the web by crawling all the available websites and web pages, analyzing the text and pretty much ignoring the pictures and videos. And since photography websites are notorious for the lack of text, search engine optimization might sound like a real nightmare. However, if you blog on a regular basis, you’ll have a much better chance of standing out and getting on top of search result pages.

Google absolutely loves websites that are updated on a regular basis, and if you set up a schedule and come up with 5 topics you can write about, you’ll improve your SEO ranking. However, to take full advantage of your blog, you’ll want to define your target keywords and use them throughout your blog posts. Keep in mind, though, that you need to blog on a regular basis for at least a few months to start seeing results, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t notice a difference after a couple of posts!

A Blog Can Help You Build A Reputation | Photography Blog Tips

Another important element of every marketing strategy is building a solid social media presence. However, if you’re taking it seriously, you can’t use it as a marketing dump to paste generic sales messages and hope for the best. You’ll want to engage your potential clients and become a part of the conversation to build a reputation of an expert in your particular niche. The best way to achieve that is to share original and useful content – which is where your blog comes in. By sharing unique content, you’ll have a much better chance of standing out, and you’ll have more people visiting your website.

Clearly Define Your Blog Topics | Photography Blog Tips

Blogging is fun! However, blogging is a powerful marketing tool, which means it requires some thinking, creativity, but most importantly, planning! No matter how much you’re experienced in a certain topic, if it doesn’t appeal to your target audience, it doesn’t belong on your blog! For example, blogging about stock photography won’t do you any good if you’re targeting brides to be or new parents. Choose 5 topics that your ideal client will find interesting and stick to them!

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Photography Blog Tips | Everything You Wanted To Know About Blogging!

Make It Easy For Readers To Convert | Photography Blog Tips

The ultimate goal of your blog is to get your visitors to convert into paying clients, which will only happen if you make it as easy as possible for them to actually do it. If you hide your subscription form several clicks away from the blog post they’re reading, you can bet your readers won’t try too hard to find it. You’ll also want to make sharing as seamless as possible, so include the social sharing buttons after each blog post. This way, your visitors will be able to share your content with their friends and followers, which will boost your exposure.

Photography Blog Tips | Website Design –

It’s Not That Hard! | Photography Blog Tips

So, should you start a blog? Hopefully by now it’s pretty clear that the answer is a resounding yes, but if you’re still not 100% sure, keep in mind that it’s not as hard as it might sound at first. Once you clearly define your target audience, coming up with 5 topics shouldn’t be a problem, and you’ll have a good idea of the tone of voice you should use to appeal to your ideal client. After you get the hang of it, you’ll wonder what took you so long to get started!

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