Photography Branding Guide | How To Build A Million-Dollar Brand On A Startup Budget

Photography Branding Guide | How To Build A Million-Dollar Brand On...

Photography Branding Guide | Starting a photography business can be deceptively easy – all you need is a some extra cash lying around for the equipment, a Facebook page and you’re good to go. Right? Technically, yes. However, in order to run a successful business, you’ll need much more than just some equipment and talent. You see, there are countless of amateurs trying to join the industry, which means you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd.

Photography Branding Guide | Website Design –

In order to stand out from the crowd of other photographers in your area, you need to be different, and the best way to be different is building a unique brand that appeals to your target audience. Beware, though – branding a photography business involves a lot more than buying a logo template on Etsy. Not sure what branding is and where to start? We’re here to help!

What A Brand Is And What It Isn’t | Photography Branding Guide

Many small business owners, photographers included, mistakenly believe that branding is just for the big shots, which is a dangerous mistake. Think about it, in a saturated photography industry, how can you stand out if you don’t have a strong business identity to help you stand out? The second biggest mistake entrepreneurs make after realizing the importance of branding is thinking that they have a brand the moment they have a logo designed.

Photography Branding Guide | How To Build A Million-Dollar Brand On...

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Your logo will be the face of your business and the backbone of your brand – but your brand will cover many other elements, from the look and feel of your website, brochures and packaging to the way you dress for gigs and even the way you answer your phone. Think of your business as a person: just like there’s much more to a person than their face, there’s much more to your business than your logo.

Have A Logo Professionally Designed For Your Business | Photography Branding Guide

Even though it might play a second fiddle to your pictures, your logo is more than just a pretty graphic – you’ll use it both online and in print – whether as a watermark on the pictures you share on Facebook or in the letterhead for your professional correspondence. It will oftentimes be your very first impression, which means you can’t afford to cut corners on a piece of design that important.

If you decide to go with a template you found online, how is your logo supposed to stand out if so many other photographers are using pretty much the same logo? You’re building a unique brand here, and it all starts with a unique logo.

Sort Out Other Branded Elements | Photography Branding Guide

If you used color in your logo, find a way to include that same color scheme in your other branded materials, which could boost brand awareness and turn your brand into a consistent experience across the board. We’ve been designing logos for photographers just like you for years now, and one thing we learned is that people get carried away with the new logo so much that they actually forget to think about their branding guidelines.

You want all of your materials, online and off, to look, feel, and sound like they came from the same source, which means you’ll need to define your brand’s colors and even fonts that will be used consistently throughout your branded materials and marketing efforts. This, in turn, will make remembering your business a lot easier.

Speak To Your Potential Clients With A Consistent Tone Of Voice | Photography Branding Guide

What you say is important, don’t get us wrong, but so is the way you actually say it. Create a voice for your business and use it on your website, social media profiles, and even when answering your phone. Many entrepreneurs use a rather laid back tone of voice on social media, but turn into a heartless and overly formal marketing machine on their website, which can only confuse potential clients. Think about your brand – is it family-friendly, casual, or formal and business-oriented? If you already defined your target audience, you shouldn’t have any problems figuring out what the voice should be like.

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Photography Branding Guide | How To Build A Million-Dollar Brand On...

Customize Social Media Profiles | Photography Branding Guide

In addition to filling out every field available on your profile with information such as your contact details and services you’re providing, you’ll also want make sure the profiles match the overall look and feel of your brand as much as possible and are consistent with each other. To ensure consistency, use the same profile avatar on every platform, customize the cover images to grab attention from the moment your potential clients land there, and share your content on each network, so when a potential client stumbles upon your profile, they instantly recognize who you are.

Photography Branding Guide | Website Design –

Provide Exceptional Customer Service | Photography Branding Guide

No matter how much time you spend on marketing your business, or how appealing your logo is, it won’t do you any good if the services you’re providing aren’t up to the standards of your target audience. Keep in mind that photographers mostly rely on word of mouth marketing when it comes to booking new clients – which means you will want to meet and exceed your potential client’s expectations, from the moment they call you for the first time till the moment you mail them the USB with the pictures. Never put the money a service brings in before the service – keep refining and improving it, and you’ll quickly be on your way to turning your business idea into a success story.

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