Photography Brands Explained | How To Build A Photography Brand The World Will Remember Tomorrow

Photography Brands Explained | How To Build A Photography Brand ...

Photography Brands Explained | Let’s be honest – it does not take much to hang a shingle as a “professional photographer.” A few thousand dollars for the right equipment combined with a free website template and virtually anyone with the entrepreneurial bug can call themselves a pro, making photography an incredibly competitive industry. This is when branding comes into play to help give you the competitive edge over other photographers in your particular niche or area. Developing a brand is nowadays as crucial as getting a professional camera. We can help you map out a plan.

Photography Brands Explained | Website Design –

If you want to learn how to brand a photography business you’ll need to think a lot bigger than just your logo, fonts on your website and color pantone references. So if your brand goes beyond logos, colors, and slogans, what is it about? Think of your brand as your touch point. Every way you engage with your existing and potential clients from your logo to your marketing, and your product to your customer service is your brand.

Find Your Market | Photography Brands Explained

Once you decide you want to take pictures for a living, narrow down your specialization to a particular niche. Determine who your specific market is going to be, and what types of sessions make your heart skip a beat. Are you going to be taking pictures only of newborns and pets? Or is it product photography perhaps that’s your main interest?

Photography Brands Explained | How To Build A Photography Brand ...

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Your brand is not what you say it is. It is what they say it is, and “they” are your target audience, so once you know who your target audience is, you can begin going after them through targeted advertising, marketing, and even through better use of social media. Honing in on your audience will actually make your advertising and marketing efforts feel a bit less overwhelming since you considerably have narrowed down the market.

What Makes You Different? | Photography Brands Explained

The next thing you will want to do is look for the essence of your brand. This is the heart and soul of your business. Take some time to figure out what your specific selling points are: your specialty, what makes you different and sets you apart from other photographers. Once you have determined this, you can build it into your branding strategy and use it to appeal to your target audience. Choose 5-6 words that best describe your studio or business. Are you altruistic, stylish, funny, boutique, modern, couture, polished, classic, bohemian?

Develop Your Look | Photography Brands Explained

Every brand, big or small, should have a signature look. Whether it’s a color scheme, logo, or image, potential clients will instantly associate this icon with the brand, what it stands for, and what product it offers. The thought process behind developing the brand of your photography business should not be any different. Everything, every vehicle, every piece of paper that leaves your office and every piece of content you share online should have a purpose and send a clear message of who and what you are.

Have A Logo Designed Professionally | Photography Brands Explained

A logo is most effective when it is an accurate representation of the style of your work. Whether you’re an edgy fashion, luxury travel, flirtatious lifestyle or classic wedding photographer your logo should have a direct connection with your work. Here at MediaNovak we’ve been designing logos with and for photographers just like you for years now, and our most important tip when it comes to logos is to try and keep it simple, and try to make sure it doesn’t compete with the image it is watermarked on. Clients are buying your style and images, not your logo – regardless how cute it is.

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Photography Brands Explained | How To Build A Photography Brand ...

Make it Cohesive. Make it Consistent. | Photography Brands Explained

Your brand presence includes: your website, social media presence, packaging, office stationery; business cards, printed price lists, and brochures, just to name a few. It is vitally important that you work with a designer that can help you see the bigger picture and make sure your branding stays consistent throughout all these different facets of your studio’s visibility. Even though your logo may not be as iconic as the Nike swoosh, your clients will remember your branding a lot easier if its consistent, relatable, and says something specific about your business.

Photography Brands Explained | Website Design –

If you take the time and really think your branding through, you will creating something unique and memorable from out of the gate. If you rush, and slap random stuff together and start branding your photography business wrong, you will be wasting time and potentially turning away (and turning off) potential clients.

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