Photography Business Card Designs | The Photographer’s Guide To The Art Of Designing The Perfect Business Card

Photography Business Card Designs | The Photographer's Guide To The ...

Photography Business Card Designs | Many photographers mistakenly believe that the good ol’ business card is a quirky relic from a long gone era. We’ve got social media, smartphones, and Google almighty. Why would you need a business card? Well, as it turns out, business cards, when done right, can be used for more than simply providing people with your contact details.

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However, designing an effective business card involves a lot more than simply pasting your details into a cheap template and calling it a day. The good news is that the extra effort will definitely pay off. Not only will a good business card provide people with your most important contact details, but it will also reinforce your brand identity, help you stand out from the crowd, start a conversation, and even boost client loyalty. Sounds like a lot to ask from such a small piece of paper, but it can be done! Here’s how.

Are Business Cards Really That Important? | Photography Business Card Designs

The main reason why so many business owners choose not to invest in business cards makes a lot of sense at first. You’ve got so many tools at your disposal that do the same thing without any additional costs. However, it’s a completely different story in practice. Imagine shooting a wedding and running from one place to another to catch the bouquet toss. A guest stops you and asks whether you’ll be available next year. Do you sit down to negotiate the gig? Or do you tell them to contact you after the wedding and schedule a meeting?

Photography Business Card Designs | The Photographer's Guide To The ...

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Of course, you’ll go with the latter. Here’s the thing, though – how can they reach you? Do you tell a tipsy guest your website address and hope they remember it the next day? Or do you dig through your camera bag looking for a pen to scribble down your email address on a napkin? Do you tell them to Google you? These are just a few disastrous moves you can easily avoid by having some great business cards to hand out. Not only does it save you time, but it will also make you appear more professional and reliable.

Stay Away From Cheap Templates | Photography Business Card Designs

Not all business cards are created equal, though. We get it, you’re just starting out, so you might be tempted to cut corners. There are templates cheaper than the average cocktail, which means you can save a lot of money. However, these are usually designed by amateurs, or complete beginners practicing their design skills. As a result, most of the cheap templates have all the telltale signs of cheap design. Is “cheap” really a word you want linked with your business? Even if you’re lucky to stumble upon a good template (We’re not saying that all of them are bad!), chances are it’s already being used by many other business owners.

Some of these people might be in your area, or, even worse, in your particular niche. Think about it – your business card is likely to end up in a pile with other business cards your potential client has received. How is yours supposed to stand out if you used a template pretty much everyone else used as well? The truth of the matter is that your business card will end up in the trash, if it doesn’t stand out and grab the attention of your potential clients. And let’s be real – it will stand a much better chance if you actually come up with a unique design.

Brand It | Photography Business Card Designs

All of your materials can and should convey the essence of your brand, from your website and the colors, fonts and images you use to set it up, to your logo and the tone of voice you use on social media. You want your potential clients to recognize your brand whether they stumble upon your Twitter profile, your website, or find your business card in their old wallet, and the only way to do it is through creativity and consistency. This is best achieved by setting up your brand’s style guidelines.

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Photography Business Card Designs | The Photographer's Guide To The ...

For example, each time we design a logo for a client, we put together a short document that will help them define their styling rules. We list all the colors (Exact color shades!), as well as the fonts we used for the logo. This way, our clients have a pretty good idea of the colors they can use throughout their branded materials to ensure consistency. Remember, the goal is to have all your materials look and feel like they came from the same source. Using the same color scheme will tie together all your items and turn your brand into a memorable visual experience.

Photography Business Card Designs | Website Design –

Pay Attention To The Essentials | Photography Business Card Designs

At the end of the day, the ultimate goal of a business card is to provide potential clients with everything they need to contact you and hire you, which means the first thing you have to think about are the contact details you’re going to include in your business card. Keep in mind that you have to achieve a balance between providing enough details without cluttering your card and overwhelming the recipients. So, what’s most important? Your name definitely has to be there, along with your phone number, email, and website, but you can also consider including the social media contact information.

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