Photography Business Card Inspiration | Six Straight-Up Brilliant Business Card Ideas You’ll Wish You Thought Of First

Photography Business Card Inspiration | Six Straight-Up Brilliant ...

Photography Business Card Inspiration | Photographers typically rely heavily on word of mouth marketing and referrals, but at the end of the day, no one will ever be able to represent your business better than you. This is why it’s important to see your business card as an extension of yourself and your business brand – in other words, it needs to be up to the standards of the products and services you’re providing.

Photography Business Card Inspiration | Website Design –

Business cards are no longer used simply to provide your potential clients with your contact details. They’re used to convey the brand and showcase not only the nature of your business, but also your own creative vision – something incredibly important in creative industries such as the photography industry. Yet, you’d be surprised how many business owners overlook this crucial piece of business stationery.

It’s More Than Just A Piece Of Paper | Photography Business Card Inspiration

You will hand out your business cards when meeting potential clients and attending networking events, but you’ll also slip them inside the envelopes when sending out letters and thank you cards, but they will never be the marketing powerhouse you hope unless they’ve been carefully designed to perfectly convey your brand. Just like the outfit you’re wearing, the business card is an essential part of your first impression and you need to make sure it leaves the best first impression possible.

Start With The Basics | Photography Business Card Inspiration

You want your business card to stand out and spark interest, sure, but don’t turn it into a guessing game. While you’ll be able to catch your potential client’s attention if you include only your phone number, and nothing else, on your business card, that doesn’t mean they’ll actually call. Or you’ll end up with a dozen of calls by people wondering who on Earth you are. So, to make your business card effective, you’ll want to include all the relevant contact information.

Photography Business Card Inspiration | Six Straight-Up Brilliant ...

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What are the most important details? Well, your name and the name of you business definitely need to be there, as well as your logo and your phone number. You’ll also want to consider including your email address and website URL. Carefully consider the information you want to include – there’s a very limited space on your business card, and by limiting the textual information, you’ll have a much better chance of keeping your business card readable.

Your Business Card Can Help Build Your Brand | Photography Business Card Inspiration

If you laid all of your marketing collateral on your desk, would it look, feel and sound like it comes from the same source? Think about the ways you can use your business cards to reinforce your brand and boost awareness – will you only use your logo, or is there also a way you can incorporate your brand colors and the fonts you used for other materials?

Be Careful With Colors | Photography Business Card Inspiration

Colors can be an incredibly powerful tool – they can help your business card stand out from even the largest pile and guide your potential client’s attention to the most important areas; and as mentioned before, they can reinforce your brand. However, there are two things you’ll need to pay attention to – you need to make sure the colors you use for your business card actually work well together. A mishmash of random colors will definitely grab your potential client’s attention, but for all the wrong reasons!

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Photography Business Card Inspiration | Six Straight-Up Brilliant ...

Another thing to keep in mind when using colors in your business card design is the cost. Sure, the five-color business card you just designed might look like a piece of art, but when the time comes to have a few hundreds of them printed, the price won’t be nearly as appealing, which is why you should keep the number of colors down to 2-3.

Readability Is Vital | Photography Business Card Inspiration

Don’t forget the purpose of your business card – it’s a delivering mechanism that should provide your potential clients with your contact information, which is why you need to ensure readability. Don’t use fonts smaller than 8pts, and when it comes to the actual choice of fonts – stick to 2-3 as well. The eye finds it difficult to scan multiple fonts at the same time. Which fonts are the safest choice? You’ll want to use serif fonts, as they’re more readable in print than sans serifs.

In addition to the font choice and font size, there’s another oft-overlooked aspect – the font color. There’s no point of listing all your contact details if you’re going to use a light gray font on a white background. Don’t make your potential clients strain their eyes trying to read your phone number when they decide to pick up the phone and book a session.

Photography Business Card Inspiration | Website Design –

You’re A Part Of A Creative Industry! Let It Show | Photography Business Card Inspiration

Business card holders assume the back side of the business card is empty, which is why you should keep all the relevant information on the front side. However, how many times have you been given a business card, flipped it to see the back and realized there was nothing there? Just because you need to include text on the front doesn’t mean you can’t include something more visual on the back. Showcase a few of your best shots, or even a discount coupon or a QR code. Whatever you do, don’t leave it empty – you’ll be wasting valuable marketing real estate.

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