Photography Business Growth Tips | Ready, Set, Sell! Tips For Photographers To Get A Jumpstart And Sell More This Holiday Season

Photography Business Growth Tips | Ready, Set, Sell! Tips ...

Photography Business Growth Tips | The holiday season is a great time of the year for photographers. Not only do people dress up in a variety of colorful outfits, but they’re also looking to capture special moments forever. As a business owner, you should always be on the lookout for new clients, and seeking methods to bring them to your door. If you are not consistently looking for opportunities to grow your client base, your business could fall off of the growth track.

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Many great, talented photographers fail to succeed in the photography business, mainly for one reason; the lack of business skills. These tips will take you through some of the steps that you should follow to set up the right foundation to get new clients for your business. Don’t expect to get all the answers, but you will definitely develop a better understanding of the process, the mindset, and the tools you need to get and attract new clients.

Sell Emotion, Not Stuff | Photography Business Growth Tips

Part of the appeal of photographs is that they capture a story, hopefully one filled with emotion. Share those stories! Today, more than ever, purchasing decisions are very personal and based on emotions – particularly in photography business. People are not buying a product, but an experience, an emotional connection, and a priceless gift. When you present your photographs to clients, take the time to explain what happened when you took that photo. Have you ever browsed through photos in a magazine, and not read the captions? It’s hard, right!?

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Start Using One New Social Media Network | Photography Business Growth Tips

Photographs and visuals can also add to show exactly what you are offering your potential clients, and sharing these through social platforms can help you expand your reach. If you have been spending all of your time on Facebook, it might be time to branch out to Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, or LinkedIn. It all depends on who your target audience is. Sharing your work, and things that you find interesting can help you generate buzz within your network, sprouting some sharing, and ultimately reaching more people.

Reward Customer Loyalty | Photography Business Growth Tips

Ideally, a photography business grows a base of satisfied clients who select the studio for their photographic needs. Loyal clients recommend the business to family, friends and business colleagues, giving the studio an ever-widening circle of potential clients. Loyalty programs are a powerful way to boost business, as existing clients are rewarded for every purchase that they make. As points accumulate, they get closer to the rewards, and they become more likely to pick your brand over the competition.

Extra Referral Treat | Photography Business Growth Tips

If you ask the most successful professional photographers in the business what their best marketing tool is, almost every one of them will say that the single best marketing channel in their photography business is referrals. This is the road to the promise land. For the holiday season, give an extra bonus to your clients who refer new ones. Don’t forget to send a thank-you note too, of course!

Family Portrait Special | Photography Business Growth Tips

The most effective special offers tend to be those that create scarcity through limited availability. Offer a family portrait special during the holidays. Try something easy, like 15% off your normal price, or think about using one of the daily deals websites. Using Groupon or Livingsocial is a powerful way to cultivate qualified leads for any business. When the session is over and you deliver the work, give a little gift with the photos. Print an extra photo from the session, and pre-frame it before delivery.

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Photography Business Growth Tips | Ready, Set, Sell! Tips ...

Do More Face-To-Face Networking | Photography Business Growth Tips

It might be surprising, but old fashioned in-person networking still works well. Why? Because people do business with people they trust. By cultivating relationships with your clients, and branding your business name, you build an identity for your business that can’t be replicated by any of your competitors. If you grow a relationship with someone, you can quite possibly turn them into a client, or at least a referral. You never know who they know or who their brother is in business.

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Frequent Communication | Photography Business Growth Tips

One of the best ways to grow your business is actually one of the easiest. Frequent communication. Just because someone has done business with you once or twice is no guarantee that that they will come back. Send out an e-mail blast to your existing client base asking for referral, and offer a 10 percent or higher commission on any business that is closed. Use the opportunity to check in and make sure they were happy with the service, and ask them for a recommendation on LinkedIn or Yelp depending on what kind of business you have.

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