Photography Business Ideas | 5 Surprising Tricks To Take Your Photography Business To The Next Level

Photography Business Ideas | 5 Surprising Tricks To Take Your Photo...

Photography Business Ideas | Starting a photography business is really easy – all you need is a bit of extra cash to get your hands on some equipment, a Facebook page, and you’re good to go. Right? Not quite! Starting a photography business might be easy, but turning it into a success story is a completely different story. With so many photographers out there competing for the same market share, you need to accept the fact that your ability to take great photos will take you only so far.

Photography Business Ideas | Website Design –

We’ve all seen many talented photographers start a business, struggle to make ends meet for a few months, and eventually close their venture, returning to their day job with a bruised ego and a depleted bank account. It’s true what they say – if it were easy, everyone would be doing it! However, you shouldn’t give up on your dreams of doing photography full time, just because starting a successful photography business isn’t exactly a walk in the park. There are things you can do to ensure your business takes off and your hobby becomes a solid source of income!

Choose An Area of Specialization | Photography Business Ideas

Most photographers go into business without ever clearly defining their target audience. This is oftentimes done on purpose, as new photographers mistakenly believe this is a good strategy to boost their chances of getting booked solid. Quite the opposite is true, though – if you don’t know whose attention you’re trying to attract, you won’t be able to find the right strategy or tools to do it, and all your efforts will lack focus and will never be as effective as they could be.

Photography Business Ideas | 5 Surprising Tricks To Take Your Photo...

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Get The Right Equipment | Photography Business Ideas

Once you define your area of specialization and your ideal client, it’s time to check out your equipment. If you’ve been doing photography for some time now, you probably have quite a stash of gear, but it’s worth noting that each niche has a slightly different requirements when it comes to equipment. If you were a sports photographer, you’d use a completely different setup than a wedding photographer would. Do your research and figure out which items you need to buy, which ones you can replace, and what needs updating.

Remember, You’re Doing Business With People | Photography Business Ideas

Defining an ideal client, choosing an area of specialization, getting just the right equipment… it all sounds quite cold, doesn’t it? It easy to get carried away will all the business decisions and forget that, at the end of the day, you’re doing business with other people. On the other side of that angry email you received yesterday was a future bride freaking out about the fine details of the happiest day of her life. That person failing to strike the right pose in front of your camera is overcome with fear.

There’s no marketing tool more powerful than a happy client singing your praises, and you need to make sure the experience they have from the moment they reach your website till the moment they receive their photos meets and exceeds their expectations. It’s the small details such as smiling politely throughout your session, even though you won’t be in the photo that will get your clients sending new clients your way!

Come Up With A Pricing Plan | Photography Business Ideas

Just like many photographers will try to avoid defining their ideal client out of fear of missing potential business, so will many photographers try and avoid the topic of pricing, whether they feel like they’re not creative or talented enough, or they don’t feel comfortable charging a lot of money, believing that their potential clients will go to another photographer. While this might be true, it’s still better to have a starting point than to leave it up to your potential clients to set the terms.

From the moment you launch your business, you’re a professional photographer, so stop doubting yourself, and take some time to figure out how much to charge for the services you’re offering. It important to keep in mind that your potential clients will compare the prices in their area, so don’t charge a lot more than your direct competitors. Also, think about how much you should be making to cover all your expenses.

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Photography Business Ideas | 5 Surprising Tricks To Take Your Photo...

Start Building Your Online Presence | Photography Business Ideas

We live in a digital era – whether you want to do some shopping, learn something new, or watch a movie, you’ll turn to the Internet. The same goes for your clients – and when they decide to hire a photographer, the first place they’ll look is Google. This is why it’s important you start building your online presence as soon as you decide to launch a photography business. Keep in mind that your website doesn’t have to be overly complex – a simple portfolio with an about page, a blog, and some contact details is all you need to get started.

Photography Business Ideas | Website Design –

No online strategy is complete without a solid social media plan. We spend a lot of time browsing social media feeds – it’s platform we know how to use and feel comfortable consuming the content served. This means you’ll have a much better chance of getting a potential client’s attention on social media than you would if you put out an ad in your local newspapers. However, keep in mind it’s called social media – instead of bombarding your potential clients with generic links, join the ongoing conversation and engage your target audience with tips and other valuable info.

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