Photography Business Info | 4 Things You Need To Know About Starting A Photography Business!

Photography Business Info | 4 Things You Need To Know About Starting ...

Photography Business Info | Starting your own business might sound like a dream come true if you’re passionate about the art of photography, but your ability to take stunning photos alone won’t get you too far. There are countless just as talented photographers out there, and new ones are joining the industry on a daily basis. As if that weren’t enough, the equipment is more affordable and consumer-friendly than ever before, so the increase in the number of photographers isn’t likely to slow down any time soon. So, should you even bother starting a business? Absolutely!

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While starting a photography business isn’t exactly the easiest thing you can do, it will definitely be worth the effort once you get it off the ground. And we can definitely help you with that! We’ve been working with photographers for over a decade now and we’ve picked up a thing or two along the way. Here’s a list of the things that took us by surprise – you’ll definitely want to keep them in mind if you’re serious about your photography business, as they can help you avoid many of the pitfalls associated with the startup stage! Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Don’t Wing It! | Photography Business Info

Being a professional photographer isn’t for everyone, regardless of their talent, because running a successful photography business requires a lot more than raw talent – it requires solid business skills as well. Let’s face it, if you’re just a hobbyist and you don’t feel like shooting today, you can postpone it. Don’t feel like tweeting today? Just stay off twitter. However, if you’re running a photography business, you’ll need to stay on top of things, even during the days you’re feeling down. This is why having a solid business and marketing plan is crucial, otherwise you might wander off the track.

Photography Business Info | 4 Things You Need To Know About Starting ...

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Not only will a good business plan keep you on the right track, but it will also help you determine which tools are the best fit for your photography business, track progress, and make any adjustments if you notice you’re not getting the results you were hoping for. So, before you launch your business, take some time to determine your business goals for the next year or so, and list all the tools and platforms you can use to achieve those goals.

Know Your Target Audience | Photography Business Info

One of the most important elements of your business plan should be a clear, comprehensive definition of your ideal client. Most photographers tend to go for pretty much every demographic in their area, hoping to book as many sessions as possible. Nothing wrong with that, right? Well, that’s not quite true. By clearly defining your area of specialization and your ideal client, you’ll have a much better idea of the equipment you’ll need to get, how to price and market your services, and how to brand your business. This, in turn, will make your business and marketing strategies focused and effective, and they won’t feel overwhelming or frustrating.

Keep Up With The Technology | Photography Business Info

Majority of photographers have some experience before actually starting a business, and many have a considerable stash of equipment they acquired over the years. However, your gear is the most important tool you have and it will greatly affect the quality of your work, so you’ll definitely want to take a look at your inventory before launching a business and determining what needs updating and what you’ve already got covered. Another thing to keep in mind is that each niche has slightly different requirements, so make sure you get the right equipment in order to ensure optimal results.

Another aspect of your website that is evolving at the speed of light is the technology behind your website, so you’ll definitely want to take a look at your website if you set it up a few years ago. 2-5 years doesn’t sound like a long period, but the technology that was top of the line only a few years ago is already outdated and can actually do more damage than good. For example, Flash is a technology that was used for setting up animated, flashy websites and was considered modern and a must-have. Today, however, these websites feel overdone, cheesy, and they can’t be indexed by search engines, which makes having a website up pretty much pointless.

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Photography Business Info | 4 Things You Need To Know About Starting ...

Don’t Leave It Up To Prospects To Set The Terms | Photography Business Info

One of the topics most photographers dread is the topic of pricing. Whether just starting out, or not confident about their skills, many photographers completely avoid the topic, or leave it up to their potential clients to set the terms, which is a really bad idea. Think about it: if you don’t know your own worth, how is anyone else supposed to know it? It’s a better idea to have a starting point, even if you have to lower your fees to secure the gig than to leave it up to your potential clients to haggle you.

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If you’re good at something, never do it for free. Yes, I went on a limb there and quotes Joker, but just because it’s a psychotic fictional character, it doesn’t mean he’s not right. There will be people asking you to do a shoot for free in exchange for being featured on their blog, or for the sake of building your portfolio. That’s like asking for a free iPhone simply because their logo is featured on the back of each unit. Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

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