Photography Business Marketing Advice | Tips, Tricks And Best Practices To Unleash The Full Potential Of Your Photography Business

Photography Business Marketing Advice | Tips, Tricks And Best Practice

Photography Business Marketing Advice | You’ve launched your photography business, now how do you find clients to hire you? You’ve got the technical know-how, but what about the business and marketing aspects of running your own company? Marketing your photography business is one of the most challenging things you’ll have to figure out, particularly if you are just getting started in the industry.

Photography Business Marketing Advice | Website Design –

If your calendar is not completely booked up yet, you are not done with marketing. It can feel frustrating because it seems like you can’t get your message in front of your target audience. Strapped for cash and looking for ways to generate buzz around your photography? No problem. Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive or overwhelming, but it does have to be creative in order to get clients to choose you over other photographers. Being able to promote your services to attract clients is an absolutely vital part part of any business. The process isn’t any different for professional and freelance photographers, so here are a few key tips to help you reach out to the vast number of potential clients.

Networking Is Still Alive And Well | Photography Business Marketing Advice

Networking is an effective way to get your name out there and make connections with other businesses that can lead to partnerships and referral business. Be sure to have a plan of what you would like to achieve when attending a networking event (meet two new people, etc.) go prepared to chat up lots of interesting people and finally, have a plan for follow up. Set up a table at local festivals and special events as well, and display your favorite pictures as samples of your work. Place a stack of business cards and flyers on the table, and talk to passers-by about your services and style of photography.

Photography Business Marketing Advice | Tips, Tricks And Best Practice

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Use Social Media To Grow Your Business | Photography Business Marketing Advice

Is your ideal client on Facebook? Twitter? Google+? Be there. For most photographers, Facebook is the most likely place where an ideal client is spending time. Twitter and Google+ tend to appeal more to business owners. When you blog the images from your client’s photo session, take a moment to post them on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media network that your target audience and potential clients use. Uploading images to Facebook and tagging your clients in them is a really effective way to get the word out about your business as all their “friends” may see the pictures on their news feeds.

Portfolio Website Is No Longer Optional | Photography Business Marketing Advice

It’s vitally important that you have a website that showcases the best examples of your work. It doesn’t have to be an extensive catalog of all the pictures you took over the years – if anything, it should be a simple website that showcases a balanced selection of your imagery. To make sure your website packs a punch and appeals both to search engines and your potential clients, consider starting a blog on your website. Your blog is essentially a blank canvas to express creative ideas, share bits about your personal life, educate clients, share images and let them get to know you a little bit better. A website is like a brochure, whereas a blog is like an ongoing conversation.

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Photography Business Marketing Advice | Tips, Tricks And Best Practice

Include Testimonials | Photography Business Marketing Advice

We are all now used to searching for online reviews of products and services. So, once you’ve delivered work to a client, simply ask whether they can write down a few sentences regarding their experience while working with you. For example, “Working with them was one of the best decisions we made! Every time I see the pictures in my living room, I see my smiling family and can’t help but smile at the memories they managed to capture.” To get testimonials that are effective and not just an unoriginal phrase like “They were awesome,” send out a questionnaire with leading questions in it.

Photography Business Marketing Advice | Website Design –

Referral Gifts Will Drive Your Business | Photography Business Marketing Advice

Word of mouth advertising is one of the most powerful things you can have for driving your business forward. One way to help encourage that is to reward people for telling their friends about your business and how awesome you are. Offer a service or product that doesn’t cost too much but has a high perceived value as a referral reward. If you are going to build a solid referral stream of business, you have to let your clients know through repeated messages how valuable it is to you that they refer you, and how much you appreciate being referred.

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