Photography Business Marketing Explained | Effective Marketing Tips For The Modern Photographer

Photography Business Marketing Explained | Effective Marketing Tips

Photography Business Marketing Explained | Thousands of new photographers decide to enter the the photography industry on a daily basis and the competition continues to grow, which means you, as a professional photographer and a business owner, have to step up your marketing game. You may have noticed some incredibly talented photographers who couldn’t make it as pros and some not so great ones who are very successful at selling their work or services. In other words, you should never underestimate the power of good business skills!

Photography Business Marketing Explained | Website Design –

If you are just starting the whole process of launching your business, it can be frustrating because it feels like you can’t get your message in front of your ideal clients. However, marketing your business doesn’t have to be expensive or overwhelming, but it does have to be creative in order to get clients to choose your business. Some of our ideas we’ll talk about today are quick and easy, while others are more of a long term strategy that you should start right away to build up steam over time. Let’s get to the good stuff, shall we?

Take Up Blogging | Photography Business Marketing Explained

A blog is a great way to communicate with your audience what you are all about and what you can do for them. Running a blog does require a serious time commitment, but the good thing is, your blog is essentially a clean slate for you to express your creative ideas, share bits about your personality if you choose, educate your visitors and share with your potential clients more about the types of images and products you can create for them. In other words, a website is much like a brochure, whereas a blog is like an ongoing conversation.

Photography Business Marketing Explained | Effective Marketing Tips

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Rock Your Social Media | Photography Business Marketing Explained

Social media only requires about 10-20 minutes per day, but the great thing here is that you will start seeing your reputation grow sooner than you think. When you blog the images from your client’s session, take a minute to share the post on Facebook, Twitter or any other social network that your ideal clients use. Why would you want to get on Facebook if you are already running a blog? Because that’s where your potential clients are, and it’s a great chance to engage with them in a fun, social way.

Don’t Forget The Testimonials | Photography Business Marketing Explained

People look to others and their experiences when making decisions, so the more testimonials you can showcase, the more effective your marketing strategy will be. Use testimonials from past clients that talk about what they did with their products and how they enhance their life. Consider offering your clients a free print if they write down a quick testimonial of the experience they had while working with you so you can post it on the blog and then have them share that post with their Facebook friends. When a friend reads a testimonial like this, you are very likely to get their business if they are considering hiring a photographer.

Exhibit Your Work | Photography Business Marketing Explained

Small arts and crafts shows are typically very cheap to attend, and they are great opportunities for showcasing the work of local photographers and artists. Hang your best pictures around the booth, and have prints and originals available for sale. Exhibitions build your name and profile and attract people towards your work, which will hopefully lead to future commissions.

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Photography Business Marketing Explained | Effective Marketing Tips

Align Yourself With Businesses That Have The Same Ideal Clients As You | Photography Business Marketing Explained

Everyone knows that networking is important by now. However, not all networking is equal. To get the most out of your networking relationships, it’s critical that you identify people and businesses to network with that share the same ideal client as you. You’ll be surprised how loyal business owners can be towards each other when you really hit if off. Just make sure you’re promoting their businesses to your clients, and they’ll be sure to return the favor.

Photography Business Marketing Explained | Website Design –

Optimize Your Website For Search Engines | Photography Business Marketing Explained

All you have to do is include keywords throughout text, tags and images that will help clients find you. For example, you could do separate blog posts about different types of services to help people find you when they are searching for that service. Use ALT tags on your pictures as well. When uploading your images to your website, use the ALT tag fields to describe your images so search engines have a better idea what the picture is about, and make sure to use the keywords you want to rank for.

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