Photography Business Marketing Hacks | Low Cost Marketing Strategy To Make Your Small Photography Business Go BIG!

Photography Business Marketing Hacks | Low Cost Marketing Strategy ...

Photography Business Marketing Hacks | We’re consistently being bombarded with sales messages – whether they’re screaming at us from roadside billboards on our way to work, jumping out from popup windows while we’re browsing the Internet, or sneaking into our mailboxes. To help fight the onslaught of the sales messages, our brains have developed a sort of a mental barrier that filters out most of the annoying marketing ploys to get our attention. This is great news for you as an end-consumer. As a business owner – not so great!

Photography Business Marketing Hacks | Website Design –

However, there’s good news! Unlike what many marketing agencies would have you believe, a small business marketing strategy doesn’t have to be too expensive (or overwhelming, for that matter!), but it does need to be creative in order to be effective. Considering the sheer number of sales messages your target audiences are bombarded with on a daily basis, you need to find a new angle (And finding the optimal angle is never a problem for a photographer!) if you’re hoping to grab the attention of your potential clients and get them interested in what you have to say! To help you get started, we put together a short list of marketing hacks all of our clients swear by. Let’s dive right in!

Zero In On Your Audience | Photography Business Marketing Hacks

You’d be absolutely amazed just how many photographers out there start marketing their services and products without ever taking the time to think about whom they’re trying to appeal to – and the worst part is that in many cases, that’s actually intentional. It may sound even logical at first: you’re just starting out, so it’s only natural you want to reach as many people as possible to get your business off the ground. However, this tactic tends to do more damage than good! If you’re not sure who your audience is, your message will never be as effective as it could be. To get the most out of your efforts, they need to be focused, and in order for your efforts to be focused, you need to know your audience.

Photography Business Marketing Hacks | Low Cost Marketing Strategy ...

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Think about it – a marketing strategy that will appeal to high-school seniors won’t do much for a high-end bride-to-be, or a fashion magazine editor, so take the time to clearly define your ideal client. We’re talking here in terms of age, gender, location, marital status, personal preferences, and even finances. Of course, we’re not saying you should turn down potential clients just because they’re not in your target audience. Keep your ideal client in mind while working on your marketing strategy, and if it gets you noticed by people outside your target demographic, all the better.

Consistency Is Vital | Photography Business Marketing Hacks

Marketing isn’t just about getting a new client to book you – it’s about raising the awareness, boosting brand exposure, and getting your ideal clients to notice and remember you. This can only happen if you keep all of your efforts consistent and make sure your marketing strategy is a cohesive effort. If you use a laidback tone of voice on social media, you should use the same tone on your website. If you’re offering a discount on Facebook, make sure it’s reflected on your website as well, and if you use a certain color scheme on your website, you should use the same scheme in your brochure.

At the end of the day, each platform and medium will have its own rules, limitations, and even the goals might differ from one medium to another, but there needs to be a certain degree of consistency throughout your marketing efforts, both online and off. In other words, your sales messages should look, sound, and feel like they’re coming from the same source, regardless of the medium being used to deliver them.

You Need To Be Odd In Order To be Number One! | Photography Business Marketing Hacks

One of the most common mistakes so many photographers make is sounding and looking like pretty much everyone else in their particular niche or area. How on earth are you supposed to stand out if what you’re doing is exactly what many other photographers are already doing? Instead of copying, imitating, or even parodying other photographers and other business owners, look what’s already out there and find an opening for something new. The goal here is a unique strategy that will get you noticed right off the bat.

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Photography Business Marketing Hacks | Low Cost Marketing Strategy ...

Be True To Yourself | Photography Business Marketing Hacks

Your marketing efforts should be all about your target audience, not about you personally. However, there’s a fine line between creating a marketing strategy around your ideal client and being inauthentic. Your clients will definitely notice if you’re trying to be something you’re not, which isn’t something that will get them begging to schedule a session with you, so let your true personality shine through your marketing efforts.

Photography Business Marketing Hacks | Website Design –

We’re seeing more business owners decide to share bits and pieces of their personal stories through their marketing materials, so whether you’re tweeting about your most recent discount, special campaign, or blogging pics from the first shoot of the season, add your take on it, share what made you join that particular niche, what gets you going, or tell a story about a funny situation you ran into behind the camera during a shoot. This will give your potential clients something they can relate to, and it will definitely make you stand out from the crowd of other shooter.

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