Photography Business Stationery Guidelines | How To Set Up A Solid Photography Business Stationery Package In 4 Simple Steps

Photography Business Stationery Guidelines | How To Set Up A Solid ...

Photography Business Stationery Guidelines | Business stationery is not on top of the list of priorities for many business owners, partially thanks to the introduction of the Internet – more specifically the email and social networks. However, just because you have tools that allow you to almost instantly reach your potential and existing clients, it doesn’t mean the good ol’ business stationery is a relic from a long gone era. In fact, it’s just as effective, and when designed right, it can do much more than simply deliver your message.

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The benefits of custom business stationery are practically endless, regardless of the industry you’re in. Its main purpose is to deliver some content, whether it’s your contact details or a sales pitch – however, it will also help you leave an impression of a reliable, established professional, boost brand awareness, and build your client base. Get it wrong, however, and you’ll accomplish the exact opposite. Curious what you can do to make sure you get it just right and grow you photography business using just your business stationery? Read on to find out!

Work On Your Networking Game! | Photography Business Stationery Guidelines

Business stationery is practically synonymous with networking. No, we don’t mean just networking events – you can use stationery even if you never plan on attending a networking event. Picture this – you’re shooting a wedding and you’re running from one area of the venue to the other to catch the bride throwing the bouquet. A guest stops you, tells you she’s getting married in a few weeks and asks about your prices and your services. It’s obvious you can’t walk her throughout your entire offer, so you tell her to reach out to you and set up a meeting.

Photography Business Stationery Guidelines | How To Set Up A Solid ...

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How do you provide her with your contact details? Do you tell her to google you? Or do you dig through your camera bag looking for a pen to write your email address on a napkin, and hope that a tipsy wedding guest will remember to bring the napkin after the wedding? A much simpler, and effective way to provide people with your contact details is by handing out a professionally designed business card. Not only will you save tons of time, but you’ll also leave the right impression from the moment you meet someone, and by the time they get a chance to check out your work, they’ll already be in love with your brand!

Boost Your Image | Photography Business Stationery Guidelines

The business stationery you use can say a lot about your brand. No, you don’t have to feature your slogan on your stationery to tell something about your brand. For example, the paper you use is just as important as the design itself. If your brand is all about environment-friendliness, for example, you can use 100% recycled paper. If you’re targeting high-end brides, you’ll want to opt for thicker, more luxurious paper. Each brand will have slightly different requirements, but in general, you’ll be better off sticking with thicker stocks.

You might think you’re saving money by getting the cheapest paper stock, but you might end up doing more damage than you think. Remember, your clients are very tactile, and the thickness of paper can make or break your first impression. After all, if you hand out a business card that gets torn or dented easily, your potential clients are more than likely to assume you don’t care about the quality and get the wrong message about the quality of the services and products you’re offering – which is the perfect recipe for a business disaster.

Stand Out! | Photography Business Stationery Guidelines

We’re all buried under an avalanche of business stationery on a daily basis, and we rarely hang onto the items we receive. This makes perfect sense, because if we held onto every piece of stationery we receive, we’d run out of space to store them in a month or two. This is bad news for you as a business owner – needless to say, you want your potential clients to hang onto it until they’re ready to book a session. The good news is that there are things you can do to improve the chances of a potential clients keeping your stationery.

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Photography Business Stationery Guidelines | How To Set Up A Solid ...

In order to do that, you’ll want to make sure your items stand out and grab the potential client’s attention. This can only happen if the items are unique, so you’ll definitely want to stay away from cheap templates. Sure, you may think you’re saving money, but it can end up doing more damage than good. Chances are, your items will end up in a pile with a bunch of other items. How are they supposed to stand out if they’re the same as all the other items? Setting up a unique stationery packet will help you get noticed and remembered more easily by potential clients.

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Keep Things Simple | Photography Business Stationery Guidelines

Inexperienced designers and amateurs will often make the same mistake when it comes to stationery design. In order to make sure their items are unique, they’ll keep adding unnecessary design elements and special effects. While this will definitely make the stationery stand out, it might be for all the wrong reasons. A cluttered design will not only overshadow the content, which is the reason you’re sending out your stationery in the first place, but it can overwhelm your potential clients and turn them off. Sticking with a simpler design, however, will ensure the content is front and center, where it belongs.

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