Photography Business Tricks | Is Winter Coming For Your Business? Tips To Grow Your Photography Business

Photography Business Tricks | Is Winter Coming For Your ...

Photography Business Tricks | Every small business will have its slow times, and its busy times. For some, it may be seasonal, such as every winter. For others, it might be when you’re first starting your business. Were you swamped with weddings during the summer, but your diary is frighteningly blank during the winter? Are your photography bookings declining as clients focus on Christmas?

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Work inevitably slows down during the winter, and you have to be able to adapt. Are you ready for the winter? What can you do yourself on a daily basis, or after every shoot to help grow your business, and build up a larger, loyal client base? Take a look at this simple list of things that if done right, can help you boost the number of bookings, and help increase sales.

Network Like Crazy | Photography Business Tricks

Networking is the most effective way to grow your business. You will meet new people who don’t know you, or anything about your work. This gives you the opportunity to show your stuff, but also enables your potential clients to see what you’re made of. Give out business cards. This sounds like a no-brainer, but you wouldn’t believe how many photographers either don’t have business cards, or don’t give them to potential clients.

Photography Business Tricks | Is Winter Coming For Your ...

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Blog Your Sessions | Photography Business Tricks

Blog about every session that you do. Your clients will spread the word so friends and family can see the images. Blogging is also vital because some people are simply not on Facebook. Educate people. Tell them how fabulous your clients feel after a session with you. Talk about your creative ideas, interesting locations, and inspiring people you have met through your work.

Get Your Work Online | Photography Business Tricks

Have a simple, professionally designed website with samples of your best work. Better to have 12 amazing shots, than 80 mediocre ones. Let´s be honest; when was the last time you updated your portfolio? This is often a task that photographers forget, or simply ignore. Show what you want to sell. If you want to sell baby portraits, then have lots of baby pictures in your portfolio. Keep your portfolio fresh, and make sure it showcases your personal style and niche. Keeping your portfolio up to date will make sure that it conveys the changes and improvements in your photography.

Include Referral Cards | Photography Business Tricks

Give clients a set of business cards with their order to use as referral cards. Pick your favorite image from the session, put your contact information on the back, and include a call to action. Simple but often overlooked. Ask every client if they know someone who may need your services, and follow up. Most people know that if you do a great job for your clients, they will refer you to their friends, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Florists, coordinators, and the guests are all witnesses to how you work on the day of the event, and might recommend you to their own clients.

Be Consistent | Photography Business Tricks

Do a little every day. Rather that just one big marketing campaign, provide steady, consistent, and quality photography and service. It will win people over – one day at a time, one client at a time. The amount of time between social updates, and portfolio revamps is really up to you, and there’s no “right way” to do it. But by posting consistently, you are showing your clients that, yes, you are still around.

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Photography Business Tricks | Is Winter Coming For Your ...

Create A Brand And Relationship With Your Clientele | Photography Business Tricks

The last business principal is to build a brand out of your work and business. This is the ultimate competitive advantage to differentiate your business in a crowded marketplace. The single most essential thing you can do to attract business is to exceed expectations. Give clients more images than they expect, get them online a few days early, surprise them with a short slideshow or thank-you note, work harder than they expect you to, and do the best job you can every time. By building relationships with your clients, and branding your business name, you create an identity for your business that can’t be replicated by any of your competitors.

Photography Business Tricks | Website Design –

Use Facebook | Photography Business Tricks

If you are not on Facebook and “friending” your clients, you should be! Post your clients’ images on Facebook, and tag them – this is incredibly effective. The key is to TAG the images so that all of their friends can see, like, and share them, but also see YOUR name attached to them. Spruce up your online presence, get social, and your business will grow! Yes, the upkeep takes time but any good thing does.

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