Photography Logo Design Essentials | 6 Picture-Perfect Logo Design Tips To Help Brand Your Photography Business

Photography Logo Design Essentials | 6 Picture-Perfect Lo...

Photography Logo Design Essentials | The Nike Swoosh, the Coca-Cola cursive and Apple’s apple: all iconic brands have iconic logos. These logos effectively communicate the brand’s message to millions of people every day, just by being visible. It is vitally important to start with a simple, memorable and appealing logo design when building a brand that appeals to your target audience. An effective logo is eye catching and shares a bit about your brand. Are you edgy, innovative, conservative, or reliable?

Photography Logo Design Essentials | Website Design –

There are no shortcuts to a powerful logo design; if you don’t put in the work at every step of the process, you won’t get the most optimal results. Your logo is the backbone of your brand, after all. It will not only affect how your potential clients (and the rest of the world) perceive your brand, but it will also affect the choice of colors, fonts, and graphics that you’ll use in all your marketing materials. In other words, creating a logo is about more than using a random shape next to the name of your business. There are many things to consider when choosing the right logo for your photography business, and today we’re going to take a deeper look at the secrets of the most successful logos.

Define Your Target Audience | Photography Logo Design Essentials

Before the design process begins, you have to consider your goals and the values you want your logo to convey. Target demographics, personality and culture are also vitally important factors that determine the brand image. You may be the most conservative person on the planet, but if you’re trying to market your photography business to the hip-hop crowd, your sensibilities are probably different than theirs. A logo that appeals to you won’t have any effect on your target audience.

Photography Logo Design Essentials | 6 Picture-Perfect Lo...

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Keep It Easy And Flexible | Photography Logo Design Essentials

A logo may look stunning on business cards, but will it look just as nice on social media profile images? Keeping the design simple is one of the best approaches when it comes to creating a business logo. It’s important to have a balanced combination of simple and quirky, sure, because you want your logo to stand out and grab the attention of your potential clients, but you don’t want them to have to sit and stare, analyzing your logo and trying to figure out what it is that you do. A complex logo can be difficult to reproduce and more importantly, difficult to remember, so it’s best to stick to a simpler design.

Use Vectors | Photography Logo Design Essentials

In our digital age, where logos will appear on various materials, devices and across social media, you have to design something that transcends paper. Your logo will have to look great on different backgrounds, work for avatars and print, and it has to be flexible in size. Design the logo using vectors, because editing a vector logo is a lot easier than having to edit a pixel-based image. Vectors will enable you to scale the logo to any size without affecting the quality.

Start Simple | Photography Logo Design Essentials

The most important part of your logo project is the design itself. Oh sure, it’s great to see your logo in the colors that you will eventually use, but in the initial stages of any design, the colors shouldn’t be your top priority. When coming up with your basic logo idea, start simple. Sketch it in solid black, and when you have the basic shape, structure, and feel, you can then move on to adding other details such as color. Remember, no amount of color or gradient will save a poorly designed logo.

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Photography Logo Design Essentials | 6 Picture-Perfect Lo...

Talking Text | Photography Logo Design Essentials

Unless your logo is internationally recognized like Nike or Apple, including your name to the graphic is essential for building the brand awareness. That means you’re going to need some text. Find a font that is original, a font that makes the name of your photography business appear unique and that stands out from the rest — but not in a negative way. The wrong font can dramatically change the message your logo is supposed to communicate, while the right one will set a tone for the brand and be reflection of your own unique style of photography. When all else fails: Turn to your friend Helvetica, a simple font that has been utilized well by many popular brands.

Photography Logo Design Essentials | Website Design –

Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. | Photography Logo Design Essentials

It’s critical you’re patient and don’t rush to make changes with your design just because you haven’t gotten the reaction you initially expected. Don’t redesign your logo just because you’re tired of it, or because your competitors have. Use your new logo until you’re sick of it. And then use it some some more. Actually, that’s a pretty good rule of thumb – at the point you’re getting sick of your logo (and you’ll be tempted to change it) it’s just starting to get some traction.

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