Photography Logo Design Questions | Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Photography Logos, But Were Afraid To Ask!

Photography Logo Design Questions | Everything You Ever...

Photography Logo Design Questions | What makes a successful photography logo these days? The essential principles and best practices remain, but with so many photographers trying to become much more relevant to people’s lives, there’s even more reason to add some richness and depth of character to your brand with a memorable logo that can give you a competitive advantage in your niche. Whether you’re a creative fashion, travel, flirtatious lifestyle or classic wedding photographer, your logo should have a unique and clear connection to your style.

Photography Logo Design Questions | Website Design –

A professional logo can boost your business, appeal to your target audience, and help you stand out from the crowd. On the other hand, a badly designed logo can ruin a brand and mar an otherwise great photography brand. There are no shortcuts to a great logo design; if you don’t put in the work at every step of the design process, you won’t get the results you want. Creating logos is just like any other type of design work, to be professional you’ll have to pay attention to details. Even a great idea can be ruined by not thinking about simple things, and these tips will help you to keep your concepts safe.

Where To Begin | Photography Logo Design Questions

The best way to begin designing your logo is to get a fresh sheet of paper and a pencil. What you’re doing is building a brand and communicating a position. It makes sense, then, that the first step in designing a logo should be to research your target audience and industry. Think about the meaning and the feeling you want the logo to convey to your potential clients. As you sketch different options, start eliminating the designs that look weak or inappropriate. When you are happy with your ideas, move to the computer.

Photography Logo Design Questions | Everything You Ever...

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Choosing The Right Format | Photography Logo Design Questions

This probably sounds obvious to most designers out there, but it isn’t to everybody: using vectors will allow the most variations for your logo. In addition to being simple and memorable, your company logo has to be functional. You will use it on marketing materials, your website, business cards, and even as a watermark on your pictures, so you will need it in different sizes. Vector graphic files are not made of dots or pixels. Instead, they are mathematical formulas for shapes, and can be enlarged or reduced to any size, with no loss in quality, detail, or sharpness.

The Role Of Color | Photography Logo Design Questions

When designing your logo, start simply. Create the basic shape outline in solid black. This will enable you to focus on the concept and shape, rather than color, which is highly subjective in nature. Also keep in mind potential printing costs: the more colors you use, the more expensive it will be in the long run. Then when you have the basic structure and feel, you can then move onto adding other details such as color.

Following The Trends | Photography Logo Design Questions

Paying attention to latest logo design trends doesn’t mean obediently following them. In the same way that you have to break the rules, to buck the trend (or start a new one) you have to know what you’re up against. Most logos are used for years, so be careful not to use ‘of the moment’ fonts or follow fads that will date quickly. An effective logo should be timeless. Will yours stand the test of time? Will it still be effective in 10, 20 or 50 years? When it comes to your brand identity, longevity is key. Don’t follow the pack. Stand out.

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Photography Logo Design Questions | Everything You Ever...

Fining The Right Font | Photography Logo Design Questions

If people can’t read your logo, it’s pointless to have it. This sounds like an obvious advice, but it’s easy to get caught in customizing letters or distorting a font until it becomes illegible. Words that form a part of a logo are just as important as graphics: the lettering style, fonts, and even the case (uppercase, lowercase, mixed) in a logo can have a dramatic effect, so never underestimate the need to use effective typography. It’s not about just looking pretty: matching the qualities of the font to the qualities of the brand is what’s important here.

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If In Doubt, Leave It Out | Photography Logo Design Questions

If you can’t explain an element in your logo design, the chances are you have to remove it from your design. When your logo design is at its simplest, it’s probably at its strongest. A refined and distilled identity will also catch the attention of a viewer zipping by signage at 70 miles per hour, or on any other material used for advertising, marketing and promotion. Remember, the essence of the hugely effective international branding for the world’s largest shoe manufacturer is a very simple graphic swoosh.

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