Photography Logo Expert Advice | The Anatomy Of A Great Photography Logo (And 3 Examples That Will Blow Your Mind)

Photography Logo Expert Advice | The Anatomy Of A Great Photography...

Photography Logo Expert Advice | Last year Google faced quite a backlash after they updated their logo, which shows just how important logo design is! They didn’t start charging each search query, or drop any of the major services, yet people were annoyed, thrilled, even disgusted (People on Twitter can be really dramatic!), and they weren’t afraid to share their thoughts throughout the Interwebs. Considering the emotional response logos can evoke, you need to make sure your logo gets people talking for all the right reasons, even if you’re not the head of Google!

Photography Logo Expert Advice | Website Design –

Simply because your photography business isn’t as big as Google (just yet!), it doesn’t mean you get a free pass – you still need a logo that’s up to the standards of the services you’re providing. It’s the backbone of your brand and the face of your business; even though it will oftentimes play the second fiddle to your pictures, it is still a vital representation of you and everything you stand for! Wondering how to create a logo that communicates your message and leaves the right impression? Read on!

Hire A Professional | Photography Logo Expert Advice

We’re talking about your logo here! Do you really feel comfortable putting this crucial branding element into the hands of a neighborhood kid? Unless you’re a designer yourself, creating a logo that will effectively represent you and your photography business requires a lot of research, planning and a pinch of creativity – in other words, it’s not something you can whip up during a commercial break while you’re watching the latest episode of The Real Housewives. For an entity that important, you’ll be better off leaving it to a pro.

Photography Logo Expert Advice | The Anatomy Of A Great Photography...

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Make Sure The Designer You Hire Understands Your Brand | Photography Logo Expert Advice

The logo will represent your business, but if you’re hoping to get the most out of it, it needs to not only represent your business, but convey the nature of your brand and perfectly match your own style and creative vision. This is why we spend a great deal of time talking to our clients when designing logos for them – our goal isn’t just any logo; instead, we try to get to know our clients, figure out what drives them, what makes them unique, and then find a way to communicate that with a logo. Is your brand playful or formal? Edgy or classic? Who is your ideal client? Questions like these will affect your entire brand, so make sure you can answer them before you start sketching random ideas!

Think Versatility | Photography Logo Expert Advice

Your logo will be used in a myriad of ways and on countless different materials throughout its life cycle. While a poorly designed logo might look acceptable on a computer screen, it’s pretty much just a matter of time when it will turn into a complete branding disaster if it’s not versatile. There are several factors you’ll need to pay special attention to if you want to ensure versatility. And the first is the logo itself – or more specifically, different versions of it.

While you want to jump right in and start playing around with colors, it’s better to design the logo in black and white first, and add color only when you’re completely satisfied with the design itself. This will allow you to use your logo in pretty much any color and make sure it’s just as effective even when the color is removed. Then, you’ll need to keep in mind that simple logos are not only a lot easier to use in any size without losing any details, but they’re actually a lot easier to remember. While a complex logo might stand out from the sea of other logos, it’s not likely to “stick” in minds of your potential clients.

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Photography Logo Expert Advice | The Anatomy Of A Great Photography...

And lastly, you’ll need to make sure you or the designers you hired are using vectors. Raster images will allow you to zoom in only so far before it becomes pixelated, or blurry. Vectors on the other hand will allow you to scale your logo to pretty much any size, from a golf ball to a billboard, without affecting the quality. Even though you might not care about that just yet because you just need a watermark for your images, you’ll want to be prepared for later on once you kick off a marketing campaign that requires a versatile logo.

Ensure Readability | Photography Logo Expert Advice

Considering the main purpose of a logo is to help your existing and potential clients remember your business, you’d be surprised how many photographers just like you choose to use a complex font that’s impossible to read. Don’t make it hard for people to read the name of your business; instead, choose a simple font that’s legible in any size. In other words, if that calligraphic font you stumbled upon while having a glass of wine and browsing Pinterest is difficult to read, it doesn’t belong in your logo!

Photography Logo Expert Advice | Website Design –

Standing Out Means Being Different | Photography Logo Expert Advice

The last thing you want from your logo is to have it mistaken for a logo of another photographer, which is why you’ll need to take a look at what’s already out there and find an opening for something new that will instantly stand out! Sure, there are affordable logo templates online, but if there are countless logos just like yours in your area or your particular niche, you will never be able to differentiate yourself, which will do more damage than you think!

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