Photography Logo Ideas | Design To Impress: Vital Tips For Unique Photography Logo Design

Photography Logo Ideas | Design To Impress: Vital Tips For...

Photography Logo Ideas | How a business presents itself can mean the difference between success and failure, and photographers are no exception to this rule. How you brand your business – from logo to business cards, website to social media pages, portfolio to various printed marketing materials – all affect a potential client’s decision whether to work with you or not. A lot goes into branding, but one thing is certain: you will want a killer logo.

Photography Logo Ideas | Website Design –

There are no shortcuts to a great logo design; if you don’t put in the work at every step of the design process, you won’t get the most optimal results. For an entity so important, the design process requires thinking, artistic inputs and systematic preparation. In other words, you don’t simply sit down and draw a logo while watching your favorite show. An appealing logo and effective branding strengthens your image, promotes your professionalism and tells potential clients that you care about quality. Here are our top tips to consider when designing a new logo and branding for your photography business.

Keep It Simple | Photography Logo Ideas

If you’re trying to grab the attention of potential clients and remind current ones of your reach, a busy or cluttered logo isn’t going to do your business any favors. Some of the most successful logos have been the simplest. If a logo is too complex, it’s hard to remember and thus cannot engage an audience as well as a simple logo can. Think of where your logo will appear: business cards, brochures, websites, apps, mobile devices, vehicles, embroidered on fabric, and so on. The simpler the logo, the more likely it is to suit all environments.

Photography Logo Ideas | Design To Impress: Vital Tips For...

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Stay True To Your Brand | Photography Logo Ideas

While your logo does not have to relate directly to a your service, it should be appropriate for the intended audience. That includes logo position, color scheme and even the symbol itself. Ask yourself what you want your logo to communicate about your photography business. Do you want it to emphasize elegance, tradition, edginess, fun, or creativity? Any of these attributes (and many others) can be the central message of an effective design. Even though it is helpful to stay up to date on design trends, it’s more vital to stay true to a brand’s overarching personality.

Do Not Underestimate Color | Photography Logo Ideas

Colors form the essence of any visual representation. Ideally, your choice of color should be made on the basis of the target demographic of your ideal clients. Consider the age, gender and cultural orientations of the target audience, and couple it with your artistic creativity, and you’ve got a killer color palette for your logo already! Every color has a different meaning and can bring a new meaning to your message — don’t fall into the trap of communicating the wrong message because of a simple brush stroke.

Ditch The Trends | Photography Logo Ideas

You want your business to stand the test of time, right? If so, you’ll want a logo that can last as long as your photography business. Make sure you design a logo that will stay current for 10 to 20 years, maybe even longer. That’s the sign of a great design. When creating your logo, look beyond whatever is trending now, and look for something that will never go out of style. Too often we see people falling into the trap of rushing into a logo design project and coming up with ideas that are so overused that they’re downright cringe-worthy. Why not use a design that you actually thought up yourself rather than ripping off what everyone else is doing?

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Photography Logo Ideas | Design To Impress: Vital Tips For...

Find The Right Font | Photography Logo Ideas

Words that form a part of a logo are just as vital as the symbol itself. A lot of beginners will use any old font for a logo. However, if you are using Comic Sans, Times New Roman, or Arial, odds are you are using the wrong font. Find a font that is original, a font that makes your brand appear unique and that stands out from the crowd, but for all the right reasons. Even the lettering style, fonts, and the case (uppercase, lowercase, mixed) in a logo can have a dramatic effect on the overall look and feel.

Photography Logo Ideas | Website Design –

Plan Ahead | Photography Logo Ideas

While designing a logo, keep in mind your target medium. For example, if a logo will only be displayed on a website, you might jazz it up with multiple colors, fades, or even special effects. However, if a logo will also be used for commercial printing, you have to keep in mind the complexity of the logo and the expense that multiple colors and effects will add to the printing costs. Vectors can be enlarged or reduced, to any size, with no loss in detail or sharpness. For example, the lines and curves of a vector graphic will look equally as sharp on a small business card as they will on a giant advertising billboard.

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