Photography Logo Recipe | What’s Cooking, Good Looking? 3 Essential Ingredients Of A Good Photography Logo

Photography Logo Recipe | What's Cooking, Good Looking? 3 Essential ...

Photography Logo Recipe | Having a logo has never been optional, at least if you’re taking your business seriously. It’s the most important point of recognition, a simple, yet powerful piece of design that ties together your entire brand and represents your unique style and creative vision. Sounds like a lot to ask from such a simple graphic, doesn’t it? It can be done – but it involves quite a bit more planning, researching and tweaking than you think, and just a pinch of creativity, which shouldn’t be a problem for you; after all you are a part of an incredibly creative industry.

Photography Logo Recipe | Website Design –

Yet, you’d be amazed just how many photographers out there choose to cut corners when it comes to their logos and get cheap generic templates, or even worse, don’t have a logo at all, believing their work is the very best representation of their brands. While this certainly is the case, what they don’t realize is that the first contact their potential clients have with their business isn’t their portfolio, rather the logo on the business cards they hand out, or set as avatars on social media. In other words, your logo is your first impression, and in this age of 6-second attention spans, if you don’t leave a good first impression, you’ll rarely get a second chance to impress a prospect with your portfolio. To help you cook up that perfect first impression, we put together the recipe we use each time we design a logo for a photographer just like you. Let’s dive right in!

Uniqueness | Photography Logo Recipe

Logos are defined as graphics or symbols representing businesses – “representing” being the operative word here. It only makes sense, then, that you would want your logo to be completely unique to your business. After all, you don’t want to invest endless amount of time (and money!) in marketing, only to have your logo mistaken for a logo of another photographer. So why would you get a template so many businesses out there are already using?

Photography Logo Recipe | What's Cooking, Good Looking? 3 Essential ...

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This isn’t the only (or the worst) issue with the cheap templates you can find online. Templates of any kind are intentionally made generic in order to fit as many brands as possible, and as a result, fail to accurately represent any of them. And lastly, these are mostly designed by amateurs or beginners testing the waters and trying to earn a buck or two on the side. Think about it: Can you really afford to put your logo and the face of your business in the hands of a beginner? You might think you’re being clever and saving money, but in the long run, this will do more damage than good.

Simplicity | Photography Logo Recipe

Most photographers’ knee-jerk reaction when trying to ensure uniqueness is to keep adding elements to their logo until they’re certain it’s unlike any logo out there. This too can be more damaging than you think. Since your logo represents your photography business, your potential and existing clients need to be able to remember or recognize it at a single glance, which gets harder with each element you add. The idea is to convey your identity and the nature of your brand, so don’t make your clients sit there trying to decipher your logo.

It’s not just memorability that will be affected by the complexity of your logo – usage can suffer as well if you go overboard. Sure, an intricate design might look really good on your computer screen or printed in full size. However, once you scale it down to fit on a business card, all those fine details will mash together turning your logo into an unrecognizable smudge. If you really do want to use a complex design, make sure you prepare a simpler version as well for situations that don’t allow too many details.

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Photography Logo Recipe | What's Cooking, Good Looking? 3 Essential ...

Timelessness | Photography Logo Recipe

If you take a look at the iconic logos through time, you’ll notice that they did change, but not too much. Take for an example Apple’s apple. There have been countless reiterations, but the essence of the logo hasn’t changed all that much. Even when brands do completely overhaul their logos, their clients tend to lose their minds over the change, making the brands revert to their old logo pretty quickly. Completely overhauling a logo doesn’t damage just international brands – even if you’ve been in business for a few years, changing your logo might confuse your clients into thinking it’s a completely different photographer with the same name.

Photography Logo Recipe | Website Design –

So, when designing your logo, make sure you do your research and keep up with the latest trends, but never follow them mindlessly just for the sake of designing a trendy logo. Just like in fashion, logo trends come and go, only the select few turn into a standard, which means trendy logos tend to go out of style sooner than you may think. It’s a much better idea to focus on the overarching nature of your brand, than on ephemeral trends. Of course, we’re not saying you can never tweak your logo once you’re done designing it – in fact, smaller changes here and there to make sure your logo remains relevant are more than welcome – just make sure you keep the essence. Redesigning a logo is about evolving a good design, not starting from scratch.

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