Photography Marketing Essentials | Photographer’s Guide To Becoming A Marketing Rockstar: 6 Tips From The Pros

Photography Marketing Essentials | Photographer's Guide To Becoming...

Photography Marketing Essentials | Whether you are just starting out as a professional photographer or trying to grow your existing client base, marketing your services is as much a part of your job as taking stunning pictures. It may feel like you can’t get the message in front of the right people. However, marketing does not have to be complicated or expensive, but it does have to be creative and effective to get clients to choose you out of millions of other photographers.

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If your planner is not completely booked up yet, you are not done with marketing your business. An effective marketing plan will help people know about your services, keep you booked, and allow your business to grow. Strapped for cash and looking for ways to generate buzz about your business? We’ve got you covered! Marketing doesn’t have to cost much money if you are willing to think outside the box and put in some time. Here are some proven ways to market your photography business without breaking the bank.

Create A Plan And Stick To It | Photography Marketing Essentials

You have countless tools at your disposal that enable you to easily put content out into the world for your clients. However, you can write all of the blogs posts and updates you want, but without a well-defined strategy and a plan of attack, it’s just going to be disjointed, ineffective and a waste of your time. While you probably know who your ideal client is, you may not be making it work to your advantage. Are you writing about topics specifically related to your niche? If you serve up relevant, quality content, the search engines will send relevant, quality traffic your way, and your visitors will keep coming back for more.

Photography Marketing Essentials | Photographer's Guide To Becoming...

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Understand Your Target Market | Photography Marketing Essentials

Half the battle in successful marketing lies in knowing whose attention you’re trying to capture, so you must figure out who your target market is. Do research into what they like, how old they are, what interests them and specifically what makes them tick. If you’re targeting successful brides-to-be, for example, your brand image should be elegant, sophisticated and upscale. If you are targeting young brides, chances are they are searching for a helpful photographer who can capture fun as well as romance. Design your marketing materials to appeal to your ideal client and you’ll be on your way to turning your business into a raving success.

Blog Regularly | Photography Marketing Essentials

A blog is a great way to communicate to your potential clients what you are all about and what you offer. Your blog is essentially a blank canvas to express creative ideas, share bits about your personal life, educate clients, share images and showcase products. Remember, a photographer holds a great deal of trust, and your blog can help foster that trust between you and your clients as they get to know you better. A website is like a brochure, while a blog is like an ongoing conversation.

Socialize! | Photography Marketing Essentials

It’s OK not to be as sociable as other people, but it’s a real crime to let your photography business ride when social networks give you such great opportunities to influence other people. Social media networks, such as Twitter or Facebook, enable you to network with potential clients at no cost and grow your business effectively. For example, uploading pictures you took to Facebook and tagging your clients in them is a really great way to get the word out about your business as all their “friends” may see the pictures tagged of them.

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Photography Marketing Essentials | Photographer's Guide To Becoming...

Reward Referrals | Photography Marketing Essentials

Make a policy to reward anyone who brings in new clients. When a client brings in a potential client, give them a gift of appreciation, such as a coupon worth reprints dollars at your studio, frames, or to a local spa or restaurant. You’ll want to offer clients something of value, something such as a service or product you can offer them that doesn’t cost you too much but has a high perceived value. Referral gifts are great way to build relationships with vendors that have given you business as well. Offer a free session or family portrait to keep it on the free side.

Photography Marketing Essentials | Website Design –

Consider Cross-Marketing | Photography Marketing Essentials

If you shoot weddings, it’s particularly important to network with other wedding professionals since you share clients but don’t have to compete for them. It’s amazing how loyal business owners can be towards each other when you really hit if off. Make sure you’re promoting their businesses to your clients on your blog or social media, and they’ll be sure to return the favor.

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