Photography Marketing Expert Secrets | Everything You Wanted To Know About Marketing Your Photography Business (But Were Afraid To Ask)

Photography Marketing Expert Secrets | Everything You Wanted To ...

Photography Marketing Expert Secrets | Photography is one of the most creative hobbies and professions, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that so many people decide to turn their passion for photography into a full-time job. What most of them fail to realize till it’s too late is that taking amazing photos is only one of the ingredients of the success recipe! Another, just as important ingredient are the business skills, as well as a solid marketing strategy. After all, how are you going to turn your hobby into a business success story if no one ever heard about you?

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Trying to book new clients might not sound like the most thrilling thing in the world, but if you want to stay in business, you’ll definitely need to take care of it! We’ve all seen ridiculously talented photographers close down their businesses after a few months of struggling to get by, while at the same time, other less talented photographers go on to build world-renown brands and business empires. Their secret? The ability to sell their services and their brands. If you’re just starting out, however, you might feel overwhelmed by all the tools and places to market your services. So, to help you avoid all the common pitfalls when it comes to marketing your photography business without blowing your entire budget or losing your passion, we gathered some of the most effective marketing tips that require surprisingly little money.

Do Your Homework! | Photography Marketing Expert Secrets

There are some things about running a photography business you’ll need to tweak and set up as they pop up along the way, but marketing strategy is definitely not one of those things! Before you start promoting your services and products, you need a solid strategy and clearly defined goals. What services are you providing? What is it that only you can offer your potential clients? Is it affordable prices, fast turnaround, or extensive packages? And more importantly, who is your ideal client?

Photography Marketing Expert Secrets | Everything You Wanted To ...

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Even though most new photographers will try and avoid clearly defining their target audience in order to book as many clients as possible, this is more than likely to negatively affect your bottom line, as your branding and marketing efforts will be unfocused and too vague to grab anyone’s attention. By getting to know your ideal client in terms of age, gender, location, and even marital status, you’ll have a much better idea which tools to use to get on their radar, how to set up your strategy and how to brand your business!

Rock Their (Online) World | Photography Marketing Expert Secrets

If you’re serious about your photography business, building a solid online presence is not optional. We all do our research when considering purchasing a product or a service, and your potential clients are no exception. They’re out there, searching the web, reading reviews, and check out portfolios – and your business needs to be online! Start with a professionally designed website that will showcase the best examples of your work and provide your potential clients with everything they need to hire you, from testimonials to contact details.

Keep in mind that a website can do only so much for you. At the end of the day, even the most appealing website will be practically useless if no one ever visits, so you need to get some traffic. Even though search engine optimization isn’t as scary or complicated as many would have you believe, if you don’t feel like tackling SEO on top of everything else you’ve got going on, a monthly contract with a reputable agency will definitely be worth your while, especially when you see your website on the first page of Google search results.

Connect And Share | Photography Marketing Expert Secrets

In addition to search engine optimization, another incredibly powerful way of driving traffic your way is by building a solid social media presence. If you think that Facebook is just a fad only high-school students are interested in, you are missing a vital business opportunity. Even some of the most popular and influential brands are utilizing the power of social media to promote their services and grow their businesses. However, if you’re not smart about it, you might end up wasting hours of your time without getting any results.

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Photography Marketing Expert Secrets | Everything You Wanted To ...

It’s called social media for a reason, so make sure you’re not bombarding your potential clients with random links and generic sales messages. Your goal here isn’t a direct sale – instead, you need to join the ongoing conversation and engage your potential clients, but you will not only get the attention of your target audience, but you will be building a reputation of an established and reliable industry leader by sharing interesting, entertaining, and informative content. Follow the 80-20 rule, making sure only 20% of your content are sales messages, while the other 80% should be non-salesy content.

Photography Marketing Expert Secrets | Website Design –

Build Your Referral Network | Photography Marketing Expert Secrets

Many photographers don’t feel comfortable asking their clients for referrals, but even though some satisfied clients will go out of their way to send their friends and family your way, you should make it a habit to hand out referral cards after a particularly good session to your clients. You can offer a special discount for each new client they bring in, or a thank you gift that doesn’t cost you too much, such as a couple of free prints. While it won’t cost you too much, it can get new business through the door – after all, there’s no better marketing than a happy client singing your praises.

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