Photography Marketing Principles | The Ultimate Collection Of Marketing Tips For Photographers That Work Like A Charm

Photography Marketing Principles | The Ultimate Collection...

Photography Marketing Principles | Launching a successful photography business depends on your understanding of business. Marketing is the business side of the photography industry, yet as a photographer, you’re a creative-minded soul. Those two elements are sometimes hard to reconcile, but you’ll never be able to turn your business into a success story without marketing it. Yes, talent is important, but it is no guarantee of a successful photography career. In order to have a steady stream of clients, you have to be able to effectively market your services as a photographer.

Photography Marketing Principles | Website Design –

Every day thousands of new photographers enter the photography industry and the competition continues to grow, which means you, as a professional photographer, have to step up your marketing game. If you’re just setting up your business, it may feel like you can’t get the message in front of the right people. However, marketing does not have to be time-consuming or expensive, but it does have to be creative and effective in order to get clients to choose you out of millions of other photographers.

Networking Is Vital | Photography Marketing Principles

Networking is a powerful way to get your name out there and make connections that can lead to partnerships and referral business. However, in order to get the most out of your networking relationships, it’s crucial that you identify people and business owners to network with that share the same ideal client as you. Start locally, build a reputation, and then think bigger. Your local community is a very valuable source of business and will support you, plus it is possible you will get better rates for advertising because you live in the area.

Photography Marketing Principles | The Ultimate Collection...

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Set Up A Website | Photography Marketing Principles

Showcase your talent by setting up and maintaining a strong portfolio website. Your images can be one of your most effective marketing tools, so update and change images often to grab and hold your clients attention. Your website is usually the first impression that potential have of your business and can be thought of as your virtual storefront, so keep your portfolio full of your best works, but not so many that they overwhelm your visitors.

Don’t Forget The Testimonials | Photography Marketing Principles

Testimonials are the epitome of the trust-building tools, because they boost your reputation and credibility as a photographer to your potential clients. Hence, they’re a foolproof, unstoppable force in marketing yourself. People look to others and their experiences when making decisions, so the more testimonials you showcase, the more effective your marketing strategy will be. Since everyone is used to reading product and service reviews on the Internet these days anyway, they’ll be highly receptive to testimonials on your portfolio website as well. Potential clients will read the testimonials and decide if you’re the perfect photographer to hire.

Shoot A Video | Photography Marketing Principles

Video marketing is a way you can market your new photography business without breaking the bank, while giving potential clients an inside look at how you work your magic behind the camera. Capture footage of yourself working with clients during photo shoots and during your editing process. For fans who want to learn more from you, you can also publish video tutorials. There are some instructions that are easier understood when shown through a video tutorial rather than by reading them.

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Photography Marketing Principles | The Ultimate Collection...

Blog Regularly | Photography Marketing Principles

A blog is a powerful way to communicate with your audience what you are all about and what you offer. Your blog is essentially a blank canvas to express your style, share bits about your personal life, educate clients, share images and showcase products. Google also likes websites that have fresh content on a regular basis. Blog the pictures you take, blog about things that appeal to your ideal client, and feature vendors that have similar ideal clients as you. Remember, a website is like a brochure, whereas a blog is like an ongoing conversation.

Photography Marketing Principles | Website Design –

Utilize Social Media | Photography Marketing Principles

Social media is considered one of the most powerful marketing tools available today; the potential connections are practically endless! Many photographers are successfully building their businesses using social media marketing. Social media only requires about 10-20 minutes per day, and you will begin seeing your reputation grow. But in order to maintain this awesome power effectively, you must consistently engage and communicate with clients and followers so that you will stand out and be retweeted, followed and liked. Why would you want to get on Facebook when you are already blogging? Because that’s where your clients are, and it’s another opportunity to connect with them in a fun, social way.

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