Photography Portfolio Secrets | Get Your Photography On The Web: The Fastest, Easiest Way To Showcase Your Work And Get More Clients

Photography Portfolio Secrets | Get Your Photography On ...

Photography Portfolio Secrets | Your photography portfolio may be the single most important thing that you can show to potential clients and employers. They’ll be looking for someone who can produce work that shows technical skill and unique, visual talent. Whether you want to specialize in weddings, portraits, commercial jobs, or to work for an environmental group to save the planet, a portfolio is the most effective tool for showing a potential client your capabilities.

Photography Portfolio Secrets | Website Design –

Today, a vast majority of photographers prefer to showcase their works in digital format. When a portfolio website is designed right, you have the advantage over other professionals in your niche. In other words, a great photography portfolio will do more to grow your business than any other marketing tool in your arsenal. Most of the time the photography portfolios are heavily reduced to a showcase – which can be the home page, a contact section and maybe an “about me” page. It sounds simple, but there are still many things you need to keep in mind if you want to design an effective portfolio website.

Include Only Your Best Work | Photography Portfolio Secrets

It’s vitally important that you include only the very best examples of your work in your portfolio. Or as we like to say “All killer, no filler!” Your portfolio should not only show that you have some amazing work, but also that you have the ability to self-edit. Including pieces that are meaningful to you, but are not your best, will only reflect poorly on you. If you simply throw in some work to “round out your portfolio,” get ready to be judged by your weakest work.

Photography Portfolio Secrets | Get Your Photography On ...

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Be True To Yourself | Photography Portfolio Secrets

Your portfolio should clearly communicate your own style and show the type of work you want to be doing. Basically, your portfolio should be created with one goal in mind: to appeal to your target demographic, whether it is a couple looking for a wedding photographer, or an agency looking for a commercial shoot. Defining the contents of the portfolio will be much easier if you clearly understand what audience it is going to be created for. If your portfolio gives off the wrong image, you won’t attract any of the clients you want.

SEO, SEO, SEO | Photography Portfolio Secrets

photographers often set up stunning websites and then wait around hoping that clients will start calling. However, they forget that they need to optimize their websites for search engines. How will anyone hire you, if they can’t find you? The focus still stays on cool and beautiful imagery, but SEO relies on words more. No one will see ever see your work if the website isn’t visible for search engines. Take control of your SEO, and include search engine friendly URLs, include keywords throughout your content and the meta tags. These features will drive traffic to specific pages on your photography website and build links to more than just your landing page.

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Photography Portfolio Secrets | Get Your Photography On ...

Strategically Order Your Work | Photography Portfolio Secrets

When tasked with writing a literal essay, you organize your points in strategic order. You put the strongest points at the beginning and the end of the essay and the leave the weaker points in the middle. Same goes for your portfolio. If your work is presented in an organized and easy to navigate way, chances are, potential clients will appreciate the curation and level of professionalism that went into putting your portfolio website together. By showcasing the strongest points at the beginning, you instantly draw in the viewer and grab their attention. By placing the stronger pictures at the end of your portfolio, you will end on a high note and leave a memorable impression.

Photography Portfolio Secrets | Website Design –

Make The Navigation Easy | Photography Portfolio Secrets

When it comes to setting up a navigation bar for your website with links to the different pages, try not to get too creative! Make sure that getting to your work, your contact information, and other important pages of your website is simply and intuitive. Make the navigation easy so people can focus on the photography without being distracted by trying to figure out how to use the website. In other words, your potential clients shouldn’t have to think too much to get from point A to point B. If they do, they’ll likely just move on to your competitors.

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