Photography Startup Questions Answered | Everything You Need To Know About Starting A Photography Business (Without Losing Your Mind!)

Photography Startup Questions Answered | Everything You Need To ...

Photography Startup Questions Answered | One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever heard is “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough!” I know, this sounds a lot like a cheesy Hallmark card, so we dismiss it and copy the dreams and goals of others around us, settling for less in the process. This is exactly why so many photographers end up hating their day jobs and doing photography only half-time, or as a hobby. Yet, thanks to the equipment being more affordable than ever, turning your passion for photography has never been easier. It’s scary, sure, but it’s not impossible!

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I wish I could tell you that your fears are the only thing in your way to success – but they’re not. The good news is that they’re often the hardest to overcome. Once you make a decision to make the first step and launch your own photography business, there’s a plethora of possibilities out there, as well as guides, tips, tricks, and best practices that will help you stay on the right path and avoid most of the pitfalls associated with running a photography business. To help you get started, we gathered some of the most effective tips for starting a photography business. Let’s dive right in!

Even A Photography Business Is Just A Business At The End Of The Day | Photography Startup Questions Answered

No matter how much you love taking pictures, there’s a difference between being a hobbyist and being a professional photographer, which not many people realize before it’s too late. Even the best job is still a job, and at the end of the day, you need to make sure your endeavor actually brings in profits, otherwise you’ll have to close down the business sooner or later. You’re a creative photographer, but remember that that’s a lousy excuse for neglecting the business side of things!

Photography Startup Questions Answered | Everything You Need To ...

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In order to make sure you don’t get distracted by the more appealing creative side, you need to sit down and write down your goals and clearly define the ways you can achieve them. And no, “Being successful” doesn’t count as a solid business goal. That’s ego talking, whereas a business woman would say “In order to turn a profit, I’ll need to book 25 weddings this year!” Clearly defined business goals will not only help you find the best way to achieve them, but they will help you measure and keep track of your progress.

Don’t Shy Away From Talking Money! | Photography Startup Questions Answered

If you think you’re the only not sure about what to charge for your services, you definitely need to wake up and smell the coffee. (Did someone say coffee?) Most photographers feel pressured to take on pretty much every gig coming their way, especially when just starting out. Many will also try and avoid the topic of pricing, or leave it to the client to set the price. This is one of the biggest mistakes out there! If you don’t know your own worth, how on earth is anyone else supposed to? It’s better to have a starting point even if you have to lower the fees at the beginning than to leave it to the client to set the terms.

Invest In Best Equipment You Can Afford | Photography Startup Questions Answered

This will definitely be the most important investment when it comes to your business. After all, there’s no denying that the equipment affects the quality of the end-result. Your area of specialization and your target audience will play a major role in what equipment you get, so make sure you do your research first! Remember, you’ll also need backup equipment. Even brand new equipment fails, and the last thing you need is a camera breaking down during a shoot and having to explain to your clients why you didn’t bring backups with you!

Show Off! | Photography Startup Questions Answered

Photography isn’t exactly the easiest industry to survive in, so show off what you’ve done so far! Set up a portfolio website and showcase some of the best examples of your work so far! Having a professionally designed website is no longer optional – your potential clients will start forming their opinion of you and the services you provide long before they even meet you, and the first stop they’ll make is your website. If it doesn’t leave a favorable impression, they’ll move on to the website of another photographer without thinking twice!

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Photography Startup Questions Answered | Everything You Need To ...

Build A Solid Online Presence | Photography Startup Questions Answered

Just because you set up a stunning website, it doesn’t mean your potential clients will come rushing in. First, they need to know about it. And regardless of what many marketing agencies will have you believe, building an online presence doesn’t have to exhausting, time-consuming, or even expensive. You’re already spending a lot of time on social networks, so why not put all that time to good use? Set up profile pages for your business and look for ways to engage your potential clients in a conversation, share tips and tricks and talk about funny situations behind the camera, so it’s not all sales messages.

Photography Startup Questions Answered | Website Design –

Be Bold! | Photography Startup Questions Answered

Running a photography business can be one of the most rewarding experiences, but it can also be challenging. It’s your job to keep an eye on your potential clients and target audience, measure their reactions, and adjust your efforts accordingly. Your business, just like you and your unique style, will grow if you’re willing to work just a bit smarter, not necessarily harder.

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