Photography Website Advice | 5 Secrets For Creating An Award-Winning Photography Website

Photography Website Advice | 5 Secrets For Creating An Award-Win...

Photography Website Advice | Designing a website can be a tricky task, but not as tricky as many people believe. While there are certain things that need to be taken care of, we’re all web users: we browse the Internet on a daily basis and we pretty much have a good idea what sort of websites we find useful, enjoyable and appealing, and what websites drive us away even before they finish loading. We all know that an award-winning website must be visually-stunning, easy to navigate, seamless to use, without bugs, and filled with information worth consuming. How come there are so many photography websites out there that meet none of these criteria? And more importantly, what can you do about your website to make sure it works for you?

Photography Website Advice | Website Design –

Having a website is no longer a thing reserved only for the big shots and international corporations – instead, having a solid online presence is pretty much expected nowadays, no matter the industry you’re in. Even a brick and mortar store can benefit from having a solid website that showcases some of its inventory and provides the potential clients with all the information they need about the products and the location of the store. If you think having an Instagram account for your photography business is enough, you’re definitely in for some rude awakening.

Yes, Having A Portfolio Website Is That Important | Photography Website Advice

Consumer behavior has changed a lot in the last 15-20 years. We all do our share of research before purchasing a product or a service, and your potential clients are no exception. By setting up a well-designed website, you’ll be able to showcase your work to your potential clients without having to schedule a meeting to show them your portfolio. More importantly, though, having a professionally designed website will help you build credibility, and by including your contact details, you’ll reassure your clients that they can reach you in case they have a question or a concern.

Photography Website Advice | 5 Secrets For Creating An Award-Win...

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Less Is More! | Photography Website Advice

Many photographers end up with websites that are far too complex, simple because they’re trying to stand out from the crowd of other photography websites. However, having a simple website will allow your visitors to focus on your work without getting too distracted by unnecessary desgin elements. If your visitors can’t stop raving about the design of your website, barely mentioning your work, you have a serious problem on your hands here! We’re talking about a photography website here, after all, so unless you’re providing web design services as well, you should make sure your work is front and center, where it belongs!

Showcase Only The Best Examples Of Your Work | Photography Website Advice

We’ve all seen those photography websites with endless portfolios that seem to drag on and on! Don’t be that guy! Your website is not cloud storage, so don’t upload every picture you ever took; instead, stick only to the best examples that showcase your unique creative vision, technical skills and your area of specialization. Think about it – no matter how stunning the shot it, there’s no need to upload your latest architectural shot if your target audience are brides to be! By keeping your selection to only the best examples, you’ll have a well-structured showcase of your work, and if your potential clients want to see more, they can always reach out to you!

Your Contact Details Are Crucial For The Effectiveness Of Your Website | Photography Website Advice

In addition to your work, you’ll also want to make sure your website features the most important contact details. Think about it – a potential client stumbles upon your website, goes through your work and wants to hire you. Your job is to make it as simple as possible for them to reach out to you. Yet, you’d be amazed how many photographers out there bury the contact details several clicks away, or even forget to include them at all!

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Photography Website Advice | 5 Secrets For Creating An Award-Win...

You’ll want to include at least your phone number and your email address in the footer or the header of each page, as well as your social media links if you use social networks to promote the products or the services you’re providing. However, whenever we design websites for photographers just like you, we advise them to set up a separate contact page with all the other less important contact details. And lastly, consider setting up a contact form – this will enable a potential client to reach out to you without ever leaving your website.

Streamline Navigation | Photography Website Advice

This might fall under the “Less is more!” maxim, but it really is that important that it needs to be emphasized: don’t get too creative with your navigation bar. People are used to seeing the links to most important pages at the top of each page, so give your visitors just that! You can always tuck away links to less important pages in dropdown submenus, or even in a sidebar. By keeping your navigation bar simple and streamlined, you’ll allow your potential clients to focus on your work and get from one page to another without getting distracted by trying to figure out how exactly your navigation works.

Photography Website Advice | Website Design –

Pay attention to smaller things as well! For example, in your portfolio, enable navigation with the keyboard arrows, but also include navigation arrows on the screen as well. And lastly, link your logo to the homepage – it’s already a known web standard and people expect that they’ll end up on the homepage if they click the logo.

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