Photography Website Design Checklist | 5 Vital Things You Need To Know When Setting Up A Portfolio Website

Photography Website Design Checklist | 5 Vital Things You Need To ...

Photography Website Design Checklist | One of the first things that photographers hear when they mention they need to work on their website is that they have it easy – after all, you’ve got the most challenging part already sorted out: the photos. It’s true – while other business owners need to scavenge the Internet to find photos that are not only affordable, but also appropriate for their brand and haven’t been overused by other businesses, photographers don’t need to worry about things like that. That, however, doesn’t mean that setting up a photography website is as simple as it may sound at first.

Photography Website Design Checklist | Website Design –

While you have one element of your website sorted out from the get-go, there are other areas packed with traps and pitfalls that can break your website without you ever realizing it. Luckily, there are certain elements found in all effective photography websites, which makes setting up a website that helps you grow your business that much easier. So, to help you ensure your website not only appeals to your target audience, but also converts visitors into paying clients, we put together a list of vitally important things you’ll want to keep in mind while working on your photography website. Let’s get started!

Stand Out! | Photography Website Design Checklist

There are almost a million photography websites out there, and with that comes the challenge of standing out from the crowd. In order to stand out, you need to be different – after all, they do say that in order to be number one, you need to be odd; so avoid using web templates. While they might be cheap and budget-friendly, they’re already being used by many other business owners, and perhaps even by your direct competitors. The last thing you want to happen is to have your website mistaken for that of another photographer, so take a look at what’s already out there and come up with something new that will make it easy for your potential clients to remember you.

Photography Website Design Checklist | 5 Vital Things You Need To ...

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It’s All About Your Photos | Photography Website Design Checklist

The main purpose of your website will be to showcase your work, skills, and your unique creative vision. However, many photographers go crazy with the design, whether trying to showcase their creativity or ensure it’s their website that stands out from the sea of photography websites out there. Creative design isn’t a bad thing, but keep in mind that a complex will be more likely to overshadow your work. Remember, you’re not trying to showcase your developer’s skills – instead, the main focus of your website need to be your work, and sticking with a simple, elegant design will push your work front and center.

Limit Your Selection | Photography Website Design Checklist

Even though you’re setting up a website to showcase your work, bear in mind that your potential client doesn’t have to see absolutely every photo you ever took. In fact, it’s best to limit your selection to only the very best examples, and only the examples that are relevant to your area of expertise. For example, if you’re a newborn photographer, there’s really no need to showcase your landscape or architecture photography, no matter how stunning it is.

By limiting your selection, you’ll keep your portfolio organized and make it appear well-structured. On the other hand, including too many photos in your portfolio might make your visitors feel as if your portfolio is dragging on and on. Don’t bore your potential clients – instead, give them a glance of what you can do for them, spark their interest, and even if they want to see more, they can email you and request to see more of your work, which will get your foot in the door and start a conversation that is more likely to end up with a conversion.

Don’t Let Your Website Go Stale | Photography Website Design Checklist

Setting up a stunning, unique website that showcases only the best examples of your work is just the first step towards online success – you need to maintain your website. Your visitors will get bored of seeing the same things each time they visit your website, so make sure you’re updating your website on a regular basis. However, it’s not just your visitors that will appreciate fresh content – search engines also value regularly updated websites and rank them higher. Photographers are notorious for updating their portfolios once or twice a year, so what can you do to ensure your website stays fresh? You should consider adding a blog!

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Photography Website Design Checklist | 5 Vital Things You Need To ...

The Benefits Of A Blog | Photography Website Design Checklist

Once photographers realize the benefits of having a regularly updated blog on their websites, they pay more attention to the blog page than the portfolio page. Sounds like an exaggeration? A regularly updated blog will keep your visitors coming back for more, as they’ll have fresh new content to check out each time they visit your website. Did you know that photography websites tend to be very challenging when it comes to search engine optimization, as they’re usually image-heavy, with very little text? A blog will give you an opportunity to use your target keywords on a regular basis and boost your ranking.

Photography Website Design Checklist | Website Design –

Not sure what to blog about? Whenever we design a website for a client and suggest setting up a blog, their number one concern are blog topics. Take some time to figure out the topics that might interest your target audience and come up with a blogging schedule you can stick with. Share tips and tricks for better sessions, what to wear advice, and share a personal post every now and then to let your potential clients get to know you a bit better. This will make you appear not only more approachable and relatable, but you also build a reputation of a reliable source of information and an industry leader.

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