Photography Website Design Trends | Essential Design Tips To Fuel The Success Of Your Photography Website

Photography Website Design Trends | Essential Design Tips To Fuel ...

Photography Website Design Trends | There’s no denying that having a website is no longer optional if you’re taking your photography business seriously. Sure, you’ve built up a large following on social media and you’ve been instagramming on a regular basis, but in order to stand out from the crowd of other photographers in your area and particular niche as a professional, reliable and established business owner, a website is essential. It’s like a storefront on a busy street – and it’s your job to make it the most appealing one!

Photography Website Design Trends | Website Design –

The number of photography websites available right now is staggering! However, the good news is that most of these websites are downright bad! Some are incredibly difficult to use, while others are just ugly! Even though we’re against website shaming, we’re still surprised just how many photographers neglect their websites. Considering it will oftentimes be your very first impression, having a professionally designed website is one of the most important investment of your career. Here’s everything you need to know to make sure it’s a successful one!

Keep Your Work Center Stage | Photography Website Design Trends

Less is more, especially when it comes to web design. At the end of the day, the sole purpose of your website is to showcase your work, so make sure the design doesn’t actually overshadow your work. We get it, you want a website that stands out from the crowd of all the other websites out there, but if your visitors can’t stop raving about the design, barely mentioning your work, your website might turn out to be a wasted investment on the whole! Stick with a simple design and let your work take the center stage where it belongs!

Photography Website Design Trends | Essential Design Tips To Fuel ...

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In addition to actually decluttering the design of your website by removing unnecessary design elements, you’ll also want to simplify the navigation bar. This is pretty much the last place you’ll want to showcase your creativity – after all, if you make it simple for your visitors to get from one point to another, they’ll be able to focus on your work instead of trying to figure out the navigation, which might only frustrate them and make them abandon your website altogether.

Include Your Contact Details | Photography Website Design Trends

One of the two most important goals of your website, in addition to showcasing your work, is converting visitors into paying clients. Yet, you’d be shocked how many photographers don’t actually include their contact details. Think about it – a potential client browses your website, goes through your portfolio and likes your work. Your job is to provide them with everything they need to hire you, the moment they decide to pick up the phone. Don’t make it hard on them; include your most important contact details on each page, whether in the footer or the header.

So, what’s most important? Your phone number and your email address are the most essential contact details, but you’ll also want to consider including your social media links if you use those platforms to promote the services and products you’re providing. Either way, you’ll need to set up a separate contact page for all the other information that can’t fit into the footer. If you really want to made contacting you as easy as possible, you can include a contact form that makes reaching out to you seamless. And the best part, your potential clients won’t even have to leave your website to contact you.

Start Blogging! | Photography Website Design Trends

Whenever we design a website for a client, we recommend them to start blogging if they haven’t already. It’s the holy grail of online marketing – not only will it help you boost your SEO, but it will also keep your visitors coming back for more if you create a regular schedule and stick to it, publishing interesting, informative and creative content. What will appeal to your target audience? Find 5 topics and just start creating content, sharing tips and tricks, as well as bits and pieces of your personal life to enable the visitors to get to know you a bit better.

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Photography Website Design Trends | Essential Design Tips To Fuel ...

Photographers hold a great deal of trust, and by letting your potential clients get to know the real you, the brain and the heart behind the camera, the more comfortable they’ll feel around you, and their session will be that much more enjoyable. And lastly, a regularly updated blog will help you establish a reputation of a reliable source of information and an industry expert that shares all the best tips, which will drive people your way!

Testimonials Will Boost Your Business | Photography Website Design Trends

There’s no denying that we live in a time of social validation. After all, we don’t even buy $50 headphones on Amazon without reading dozens of comments and reviews to check what we’re getting ourselves into. Your potential clients are the same – they need the reassurance and the best way to do give them just that is to set up a page on your website that features a selection of testimonials from your past clients. Consider setting up a questionnaire with leading questions to avoid getting generic testimonials and offer your happy clients a reward if they agree to jot down a quick testimonial.

Photography Website Design Trends | Website Design –

Keep in mind, though, that this should be reward that had high perceived value but doesn’t cost you too much, whether it’s a free print or a discount on their next purchase. In a time of social validation, no one can resist a friend’s testimonial, so ask them to share the page with their friends, fans, and followers on social media to get the most out of your testimonial page.

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