Photography Website Redesign Tips | When To Redesign Your Photography Website (And When NOT To!)

Photography Website Redesign Tips | When To Redesign Your Photo...

Photography Website Redesign Tips | When was the last time you took a look at your website? We mean, really looked at it – not only to copy and paste the URL to a potential client? Long gone are the days when you could set up a generic website and forget about it for five to ten years. We’re living in the digital era, which means your website is just as important as the clothes you wear to a meeting with a potential client.

Photography Website Redesign Tips | Website Design –

You’re marketing to the millennials! We’re talking about a generation that grew up with social media, smartphones and all the other benefits of the technological revolution, which means you can’t afford to have a website that hasn’t been updated in years, or that’s using an outdated technology. This will only frustrate your potential clients and affect your business – which is the last thing you want. So, to help you ensure your website meets and exceeds expectations, we created a checklist you can use to determine whether your website needs an upgrade.

Flash Is For Portraits, Not Your Website | Photography Website Redesign Tips

Oh boy, have the times changed! Not so long ago, Flash websites were all the rage and for good reason. Flash was an easy to use tool that enabled designers to set up dynamic, immersive websites, but nowadays it usually does more damage than good. Not only does it load slower than other technologies, but it also looks overdone in most cases. It is also the arch nemesis of SEO – search engines view Flash as an empty page, which means the more flash you use on your website, the harder it is for your potential clients to find you online.

Does Your Website Play Nice With Mobile Devices? | Photography Website Redesign Tips

The number of people using mobile devices to access the Internet is about to surpass the number of desktop users, which means your website needs to look absolutely stunning and provide all the functionality to the visitors regardless of the device they’re using to view it – we’re talking smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers. If your visitors can’t access your contact information on the go, they won’t try too hard to find out how to reach out to you.

Photography Website Redesign Tips | When To Redesign Your Photo...

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Google is well aware of the number of mobile users, which is why they updated their search algorithms to give better rankings to websites that have been optimized for mobile devices. This means if you use responsive design on your website, you’ll have a much better chance of getting to the first page of Google search results. Responsive design will allow your website to automatically scale to any screen size and reorganize page elements to fit the viewing area in the most optimal way.

Brand It! | Photography Website Redesign Tips

When you compare your stationery items such as your letterhead and your business card with your website, is it immediately obvious that they’re representing the same photographer? In order to build a strong brand, you need to make sure you’re paying attention to your online presence as well, not just the printed materials, so if you had your logo redesigned recently, make sure it’s displayed on your website, and that the overall color scheme and font selection for your website compliment the new logo and your other branded materials.

Social Integration Is No Longer Optional | Photography Website Redesign Tips

If you think that Twitter is still a tiny social network only high-school students browse on their lunch break, you’re missing a huge marketing opportunity. While this alone isn’t a reason for a complete revamp, it’s still worth updating your website with the social sharing tools your target audience and ideal clients use to help them spread the word about your business and the services you’re providing.

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Photography Website Redesign Tips | When To Redesign Your Photo...

Social media is not important just for your visitors. Sure, you want to enable them to share your portfolio with their friends and family, but it’s also great for search engine optimization. Not only will you boost the number of visitors, but you’ll also have a strong network of links leading to your website, which is another important factor when it comes to SEO.

Little Changes Can Go A Long Way! | Photography Website Redesign Tips

Don’t rush into the redesign process just because you grew tired of seeing the same website every day. If you spot something you’d like to change or replace, you can do it without designing a new website from scratch – look what you can use and tweak the rest. For example, if you don’t have a contact form, you can update the contact page and include one, instead of changing everything. At the end of the day, your regular visitors know and like your website, and introducing radical changes will only drive them away!

Photography Website Redesign Tips | Website Design –

Do Your Visitors Have Problems Navigating Your Website? | Photography Website Redesign Tips

One of the most important, yet often overlooked elements of a photography website is the navigation! We get it, you’re a part of an incredibly creative industry, and you want your website to show it. However, when it comes to setting up the navigation menu, try not to get creative – this is one thing you want to do the way other people are doing. Your visitors expect the navigation bar to be at the top of each page, with links to the most important pages, so don’t make them hunt for them. If your navigation is a complex maze, you’ll definitely want to consider a redesign.

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