Portfolio Website Design Tricks | Set Up A Photography Website That Gets You Noticed (And Booked Solid!)

Portfolio Website Design Tricks | Set Up A Photography Website That ...

Portfolio Website Design Tricks | Setting up a website is no longer optional, regardless of the industry you’re in. Whether you’re a photographer, a wedding planner, or a florist, your potential clients will want to check out your work before they reach out to you. So they’ll look you up online. And what they find can be the critical difference between success and failure. Think about it: if your website doesn’t leave the right impression, your potential clients won’t pick up the phone and schedule a meeting. In other words, you might be losing business without even knowing.

Portfolio Website Design Tricks | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

There’s almost a billion photography websites out there. This is bad news for photographers just starting out. Not only do you need to get your business off the ground, but you need to set up a website that stands out from that type of a crowd. Challenging? Perhaps. Impossible? Definitely not! The good news is that majority of the photography websites out there are terrible. There’s no nice way of saying that. However, with the right guidance, a few industry secrets, and just a pinch of creativity, you too can set up a website that gets you noticed and booked solid without breaking your budget… Or losing your mind!

About That Pinch Of Creativity | Portfolio Website Design Tricks

You’re a part of one of the most creative industries out there. This means you’ve got the creative aspect of your website nailed to a tee. But do you really? You’d be amazed just how many photography websites look the same. The reason is rather simple – many photographers use the same cheap templates. If your visitors have a feeling they’ve already seen many websites just like you, what message will that send them about your creativity and your artistic vision? If you’re hoping to stand out from the crowd, you need to be different.

Portfolio Website Design Tricks | Set Up A Photography Website That ...

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Cheap templates are popular because pretty much anyone with some extra cash on their hands can get them. But that’s not the only reason. These templates are usually designed by amateurs or complete beginners. As a result, they have all the telltale signs of amateur design. The quality of these templates (Not to mention the security!) is questionable. If you use a template that breaks down and often is full of annoying bugs, your visitors will get an impression you don’t care about quality. What will that say about the quality of the services and products you’re offering?

Unique Isn’t Always Better | Portfolio Website Design Tricks

So, if you want to stand out, you need to make sure your website is different than anything already out there. Most inexperienced designers and amateurs will keep adding unnecessary design elements to make the design unique. This will definitely make your website stand out, but it may be for all the wrong reasons. A cluttered design is more than likely to detract from your photography. Remember, the ultimate purpose of your website is to showcase your work, so make sure it’s your work that’s front and center, not the cluttered design.

Make Usability Your Top Priority | Portfolio Website Design Tricks

Many photographers get so carried away playing with the design and all the nitty-gritty details that they forget about usability. While you want your website to be unique, the navigation bar, for example, is the last place to showcase your creativity. Internet users expect to find the most important links at the top of each page, so give them just that. And don’t overwhelm them with too many links. It won’t make them more likely to click around – Instead, it will cause choice paralysis. Remember, you can tuck away less important links in the footer or the sidebar of the appropriate pages.

Be Accessible | Portfolio Website Design Tricks

You’d be surprised just how many photographers set up stunning websites and forget one seemingly small detail: their contact details! The ultimate goal is to showcase your work and convince your potential clients to reach out to you. Needless to say, you’ll want to make it as easy as possible. Whenever we design we website for a client, we set up an entire page dedicated to contact. Not only do we list all our client’s contact details, but we usually include a contact form as well. This allows the visitor to reach out to our client without ever leaving their website. As a result, they’re more likely to stick around even after they send their message.

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Portfolio Website Design Tricks | Set Up A Photography Website That ...

Narrow Down Your Selection | Portfolio Website Design Tricks

You’re setting up a photography portfolio. It’s only natural you want to show your potential clients everything you can do. However, there’s a thin line between showcasing all the relevant examples and overdoing it. There’s really no reason to upload every photo you ever took. Not only will this considerably slow down your website, but it will also make your portfolio feel like it’s dragging on and on. Take some time to go through all your work and select only the most appropriate, up-to-date examples of your style, creativity, and skills.

Portfolio Website Design Tricks | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Start Blogging | Portfolio Website Design Tricks

Adding a blog page to your website has countless benefits. First, it will give your visitors a reason to keep coming back, even after they’re done viewing your portfolio. Second, it will help you boost your search engine ranking, as it will allow you to use your target keywords on a regular basis. And lastly, a regularly updated blog will give you plenty of unique content to share on social media, which will help you stand out from the crowd as an experienced professional and an industry leader.

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