Powerful Business Card | Master The Art Of Saying Hello! The Busy Entrepreneur’s Guide To Business Card Design

Powerful Business Card | The Art Of Saying Hello: The Busy Entrepre...

Powerful Business Card | Within the first 10 seconds, your potential clients are building up a lasting opinion about you. It sounds harsh, but it’s true that people often do judge a book by its cover, and you only get one chance to leave a favorable first impression. Your business card, oftentimes being a potential client’s first contact with your business, is an ideal tool to do exactly that.

Powerful Business Card | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Business cards aren’t just for providing potential clients with your contact details; they can also start conversations and spark relationships. Savvy, well-connected small business owners never leave office without a stack of professionally designed business cards in their wallet or purse, but what exactly makes a business card effective? These six tips should give you some insight into what makes business cards effective and how to unleash the full potential of your pocket billboard.

Who, What, Where, Why? | Powerful Business Card

It may sound obvious, but the first and most important thing to think about when designing your business card is the information you want to include. One of the biggest mistakes people often make when creating their business cards is the tendency to leave off crucial information. Your potential clients will want to know all the ways of getting in touch. Make sure your name, job title and company name or logo are clearly featured. Remember, you don’t have to include a full list of services or every single mailing address if your business has multiple locations. There is very limited space on a business card, so by limiting the amount of the information, the overall design will be cleaner and easier to read.

Powerful Business Card | The Art Of Saying Hello: The Busy Entrepre...

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Make It Readable | Powerful Business Card

If you’ve got a lot of information to include, you may be tempted to shrink the size of your text. Beware – small text can often look readable on your computer screen, but turn into an illegible smudge when actually printed. Make sure the font color stands out against the background of the card, too. Light gray text on a white card is pretty much impossible to read, making your card useless.

Reinforce Your Brand | Powerful Business Card

It is vitally important that your business card is consistent with all of your other branded materials. A business card conveys your brand by introducing brand elements such as logo, layout, colors, and even fonts. The overall style should reflect the same one used in every online presence of your company, as well as other printed materials. Choose a card style that’s appropriate for your business, industry and personal style. If you’re a high fashion photographer, for example, you don’t want to be seen handing out day-glow cards with stick figures on them.

Choose Materials Wisely | Powerful Business Card

You might be tempted to use an unusual material for your business card. While this will definitely be memorable, bear in mind the practicality of your chosen medium. For example, using recycled paper is a good idea if your business is well into the environmental industry. But don’t overdo it only to show that you are environment-friendly or you could end up being mistaken for a recycling company. Same logic goes for wood, metal, glass, plastic or any other innovative material. People usually write additional details on business cards – such as where they acquire the card. This is almost impossible to do on metal, wood or even meat.

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Powerful Business Card | The Art Of Saying Hello: The Busy Entrepre...

Invest In Paper | Powerful Business Card

Although some of the paper that you can buy to make your own business cards is heavy enough to pass for a “real” business card, most business owners will get better results by having their business cards professionally typeset and printed. A business card printed on paper thinner than 300gsm looks and feels rather thin, which can make it appear tacky and cheap. Try seeing your card as a handshake – nobody likes a limp handshake, so why would they like a limp business card?

Powerful Business Card | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Don’t Use Borders | Powerful Business Card

There are some common mistakes you need to be aware of when designing business cards. For example, using borders is not the best idea out there. This is for a completely practical reason – no matter how much attention is paid, printing is never 100% completely precise. All printers have a margin of error for cutting your cards, which can be as much as a few millimeters, so expect some variance in the area where the blade falls.

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