Print Marketing Design Advice | 6 Tips For Building A Cohesive Design Across Your Marketing Collateral

Print Marketing Design Advice | 6 Tips For Building A Cohesive Design

Print Marketing Design Advice | You could print countless business cards, brochures, posters, stickers or postcards, but if they don’t have a cohesive and appealing design, they will never be effective at promoting your business, product, service or event. Simply put, design matters! Because marketing collateral is a drive force behind your business, it should familiarize potential clients and business partners with your products, services and the goals that your business has while simultaneously building and reinforcing your brand.

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Effective marketing collateral can be the critical difference between a near-sale and a loyal client for life. And while there is no single sure-fire strategy to setting up a successful marketing campaign, there are steps that every business owner can take to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing collateral regardless of the budget. Here are some tips we’ve come up with after many years of helping small business owners effectively build their brands.

Research Your Audience | Print Marketing Design Advice

Marketing collateral is often used after the business made the initial contact with the potential client through advertising or any other methods. It can be in the form of white papers, newsletters, business cards, follow-up mail, PowerPoint presentations, brochures, and even blogs. Regardless which collateral items you’re using, you’ll first want to make sure all your materials actually appeal to your target audience. If you’re mailing out postcards, or distributing brochures, make sure that the market you’re sending them to meets your target audience. You don’t want to send business products to a zip code full of apartments, or home services to offices.

Print Marketing Design Advice | 6 Tips For Building A Cohesive Design

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Improve Current Marketing Materials | Print Marketing Design Advice

We all have brochures, flyers, one-sheets, and lengthier pieces of material lying around our offices that we use to promote products and services. But what if you could get better results out of those pieces? Existing marketing materials always have their strong points, and finding and removing any weaker points should be one of the first steps when considering designing new marketing collateral. This is a much wiser choice than scrapping the current material and creating new one from scratch.

Your Logo Has To Be Versatile | Print Marketing Design Advice

Your logo is your brand’s most important visual identifier, so it’s essential you ensure your logo is appealing, eye-catching, both Web- and print-friendly, and representative of your brand’s nature. However, many business owners don’t realize that versatility is vitally important in logo design, and that some print methods may call for a specific variation of the logo. Your logo should stay relatively consistent across all your marketing materials, but you should come up with alternative logos that fit the best on specific pieces of collateral. For example, you might need a rectangular logo that fits in line with on an envelope or in the header of a letter.

Make Your Collateral Interactive With QR Codes | Print Marketing Design Advice

As our smartphones and tablets continue to evolve and develop, so does the interactivity of print media. It used to be that the only way to advertise your website via print was to feature the URL address and hope that the readers took the time to type it into a browser. Things like QR codes printed on physical materials can help potential clients instantly access your digital side, which in turn gives them another opportunity to do business with you. QR codes can also be customized with colors and patterns to better integrate into your print marketing designs and to better match the overall look and feel of your brand.

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Print Marketing Design Advice | 6 Tips For Building A Cohesive Design

Be Sure Your Materials Gave A “Family Look” | Print Marketing Design Advice

Every piece of collateral doesn’t have to look absolutely the same, but they should all look planned as a compatible unit. Imagine all of your marketing collateral laid out in front of you on a conference table. Does it all look like it comes from the same company? It should. Creating a style guide before you kick off the design process allows you to outline your brand elements, which include your logo and any key graphics, your fronts, marketing phrases and brand-oriented words you will use throughout your materials.

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Use White Space | Print Marketing Design Advice

The effective use of space and positioning is absolutely vital. Effective marketing collateral must be easy to read and must grab the attention of your potential clients the moment they see it. Avoid a cluttered look, despite the temptation to make use of every inch of paper you are paying for. White space serves as a visual frame for the rest of the content on the page. Bonus tip: the more important an area is, the more white space it needs to stand out.

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