Print Marketing Guide | Marketing Collateral Design Tips For The Stressed And Computer-Challenged Photographer

Print Marketing Guide | Marketing Collateral Design Tips For The ...

Print Marketing Guide | Remember those predictions of a “paperless office” claiming that all communication would be done online and paper would basically cease to exist? Just like the Back To The Future hoverboard, paperless offices are one of those things that simply never happened, despite all the hype. You just have to look around your own work space to see how far from the truth those predictions are (even though we’re still keeping our fingers crossed for the hoverboard)! Yet, you’d be surprised just how many business owners completely overlook this crucial aspect of their branding and marketing efforts!

Print Marketing Guide | Website Design –

There was a time when we received far fewer emails and every single one would make our heart skip a beat. Now that the email is no longer the novelty it used to be, but a chore most people dread dealing with, people actually pay more attention to printed materials, which means you’ll get more attention right off the bat. However, that’s not the only benefit of print marketing materials – they also engage more senses, and can leave a lasting impression on your potential and existing clients. Not all printed marketing collateral is created equal, though, so we gathered some of the most important design tips to help you make sure that you get the most out of your next print campaign!

What Items Do Photographers Usually Need? | Print Marketing Guide

Just like every marketing campaign will be different to a various degree from one photographer to another, so will be the items they need. However, there are certain things majority of photographers can benefit from. For example, why only a few photographers will need a box of hand-made cookies decorated with the name of their business, most photographers will benefit from having a welcome package, a set of brochures, business cards, letterheads and envelopes ready to hand or mail out to existing and potential clients.

Print Marketing Guide | Marketing Collateral Design Tips For The ...

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You’ll also want to consider including customized USB drives if you you use USB drives to deliver the images to your clients. Then, there are thank you cards you can send to your clients with the USB drive, as well as other branded marketing materials such as discount coupons, rack cards, even postcards. The possibilities are endless, and while you don’t have to get all of these items, investing in a solid printed marketing package will allow you to stand out from the crowd of other business owners as an established and reliable industry leader!

Maintain Consistency | Print Marketing Guide

Every piece of printed marketing doesn’t have to look absolutely identical, but they should all look planned as a cohesive whole. Imagine all of your marketing items laid out in front of you on a desk. Does it all look like it comes from the same source? It should. And the best way to achieve this unified look and feel is by clearly defining your branding guidelines for using specific fonts, colors and logo variations throughout your material. Regardless if the designer already worked with you, or you just hired them to design a brochure for your photography business, they’ll have a clear sense of what elements to use to ensure the brochure fits right into your existing marketing collateral.

For Font’s Sake, Limit The Number Of Typefaces | Print Marketing Guide

Whenever we design marketing collateral for photographers just like you, we make sure our design decisions don’t affect the readability! Each marketing item has a slightly different purpose, but majority of them are used to communicate a message in one way or another. If a potential client can’t read your content, the marketing collateral package you’re using will end up being a wasted investment on the whole!

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Print Marketing Guide | Marketing Collateral Design Tips For The ...

So, what can you do to make your marketing collateral as easy as possible to read? First of all, you’ll need to pay attention to the fonts you use. Don’t use complex calligraphic fonts for important pieces of information. But that’s just the beginning. You’ll also want to limit the number of fonts you use for your marketing collateral. Not only will fewer fonts help you maintain consistency throughout your different materials, but it’s also a lot easier to read. The human eye finds it difficult to scan multiple fonts at once, so limit the number of fonts you use to 2-3 fonts max! And lastly, you’ll want to pay attention to the color of the fonts you’re using!

Don’t Be Afraid Of Using Some Color | Print Marketing Guide

Color can be a designer’s best friend – when used right, it can help bring a design to life, emphasize important elements and even communicate a particular message. When it comes to the text color, you’ll want to stick with dark fonts on bright backgrounds for the sake of readability. White font on a black background might reduce readability, especially if the text is a longer paragraph. You’ll also want to avoid low contrast between the text and the background – for example, a light gray copy on a white background is the perfect recipe for a disaster.

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Just like you’ll want to limit the number of fonts, it’s best to limit the number of colors you use for your marketing materials to 2-3. You’ll want white or light gray, your brand’s color and an accent color you’ll use only to emphasize important information. Using too many colors will definitely get your marketing collateral noticed, but it might end up being for all the wrong reasons!

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