Print Ready Business Cards | Does Your Business Card Pass the Trash Test?

Print Ready Business Cards | Does Your Business Card Pas...

Print Ready Business Cards | Since it seems like nearly everyone connects through social media nowadays, is it time to retire the age-old business card? Absolutely not! Business cards are more powerful than ever, especially when combined with social media. A professionally designed business card can be the most important marketing piece that a company will ever have. It has the potential to make or break business deals, and is just as vital as the way you present yourself. Whether you are meeting a potential client for the first time or you’re at a networking event, your business card is a key factor in making a good impression.

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Savvy, well-connected business people never leave home without a stack of effectively designed business cards in their wallet or purse, but what does exactly constitute an effective business card? With so many business cards in the arena, it’s important to have one that will stand out among the rest. Following these simple tips for creating print ready business cards that will help your business card get noticed even in the largest pile.

Have a Purpose in Mind | Print Ready Business Cards

Before designing a business card, it is important to identify the goal you would like to achieve with it. It can be an identity marker, a marketing tool, or a way to make you stand out from the competition. Having a purpose for your business card will help keep you from making it too jumbled, and therefore less memorable.

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Cover Your Bases | Print Ready Business Cards

One of the biggest mistakes business owners often make when designing their business cards is the tendency to leave off important information. Clients will want to know all the ways of getting in touch. Make sure to include the contact information that is absolutely necessary, like email, phone, cell, website, address, name and job title. If you have social media information, include that too. You don’t need to provide a long list of services or every single mailing address if your company has multiple locations.

Make your card readable | Print Ready Business Cards

Using typography in business card design is critical to having a great looking business card. Keep it professional and simple – don’t be tempted to use Comic Sans, or a complicated calligraphic font which is impossible to read. If you’ve got a lot of information to display, you may be tempted to scale down the size of your text. Be careful – small text can often look readable on a computer screen, but turn into an illegible smudge when printed. Be sure the type color stands out against the background, too. Light gray type on a white card makes it hard to distinguish letters and numbers.

Utilize the Back | Print Ready Business Cards

It’s often claimed that people don’t look at the back of business cards, but that’s simply not true. Just think about how many times you’ve been given a card, and flipped it over to check. While you need to have written content on one side of the card, think about saving the other for something more visual. Perhaps you could use the space to display an image of your product, or even a QR code. They provide an effective way of including a lot of information on a business card, without making it look cluttered. It’s also an easy way to create a link between your printed and online content – by scanning the code, potential clients can automatically be sent to your website.

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Get Creative | Print Ready Business Cards

Bright colors, when used correctly, can make a business card stand out, and look distinctive. This tactic is often used by design and creative businesses, with the aim of appearing fresh, exciting and original. Another great way to make your card stand out is to use a die-cut process to remove elements from the card stock, leaving a void. You can either use a die to change the shape of your card by rounding the corners, for example, or you can cut shapes out of the center.

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Don’t Skimp on Paper Quality | Print Ready Business Cards

If the card feels fragile, or looks like you printed it yourself on a cheap printer, it will leave people with impression that they are dealing with a company that will disappear as soon as the owner finds a real job. Have your business card professionally printed on good heavyweight business card stock. Try thinking of your card as you would a handshake – nobody likes a limp handshake, so why would they like a limp business card?

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