Printed Marketing Collateral Ideas | Is Print Really Dead? 5 Secrets Of Effective Marketing Collateral That Will Take Your Photography Business To The Next Level

Printed Marketing Collateral Ideas | Is Print Really Dead? 5 Secret...

Printed Marketing Collateral Ideas | We live in a digital era, and the way we do business today is almost the complete opposite from the way our parents did business. Your potential clients are just a click away, and you no longer have to wait for days or weeks to hear back from them – whether you want to reach out to them on social media, via email, or even text them, you can start a conversation with them pretty much instantly. However, just because the introduction of Internet has given us a way to quickly reach out to a potential client without leaving a paper trail, it doesn’t make printed marketing materials any less effective. In fact, printed marketing collateral has never been more powerful!

Printed Marketing Collateral Ideas | Website Design –

The benefits of printed marketing collateral are practically endless, yet you’d be amazed just how many photographers out there believe that the only purpose marketing collateral can have is delivering the message to a potential client – and if you can deliver the same message online, without any costs, why should you choose to go with printed marketing material that takes forever to reach the potential client? As it turns out, printed materials can do much more than deliver a message – and if you’re serious about your photography business, you’ll definitely want to consider investing a portion of your marketing budget in printed marketing collateral. To help you get the most out of your investment, we put together a list of some of the most effective design tips and ideas that will take you a few steps ahead of your competitors!

What’s This Fuss Around Printed Marketing Collateral All About? | Printed Marketing Collateral Ideas

Remember back in the day when we received tons of mail in our mailbox, and it took forever to sort out the stack of envelopes and packages, but we received only a handful of emails a week? Oh, how the things have changed! Nowadays, the physical mail has become a sort of a novelty – our inboxes are bombarded with emails, some genuine, but most spam, yet our mailboxes remain pretty much empty, so we pay that much more attention to the printed marketing collateral. Needless to say, being a physical object, printed marketing collateral will engage more senses at the same time and keep the attention of your potential clients.

Printed Marketing Collateral Ideas | Is Print Really Dead? 5 Secret...

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What Should I Include In My Collateral Packet? | Printed Marketing Collateral Ideas

Each photography business is unique in its own way, and so are the needs of each photographer, so you should put together a packet that will suit your needs and help you achieve your goals. Don’t order items just because other photographers in your area or your particular niche are using them – just because a certain item is working for one photographer, it doesn’t mean it will do you any good. This is why we advise our clients against getting marketing collateral packet templates off the internet.

These are usually stuffed with countless items in order to appeal to as many business owners as possible, and while you may thing you’re getting a bargain, you’re more likely to end up with a stack of marketing collateral items lying around your office uselessly. Not only that, but templates available online are usually designed by beginners, and have all the telltale signs of amateur design. Since these might be the critical difference between success and failure of your photography business, you can’t really afford to cut corners on such an important marketing tool.

Fly Your Flag High | Printed Marketing Collateral Ideas

The primary purpose of marketing collateral is to deliver a message and get your potential clients interested in what you can do for them. However, when done right, your marketing collateral can do much more – it can boost exposure and reinforce your brand identity. In order to do that, make sure it’s consistent with your other materials, both online and off. This can be achieved by using the same color scheme throughout your materials, as well as the same fonts and featuring your logo on each item. Not only will this make your materials more appealing, but it will also help your potential clients remember you and your brand a lot easier.

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Printed Marketing Collateral Ideas | Is Print Really Dead? 5 Secret...

Make Your Items Interactive | Printed Marketing Collateral Ideas

There’s this misconception that the digital revolution is the arch enemy of printed marketing collateral, yet quite opposite is true. Digital materials are far from replacing print materials – however, they can still work quite well together and support each other. For example, by including a QR code or a NFC chip in your brochure, you you can create a link between the physical and digital aspects of your marketing strategy and point your readers to your website, where they can find out more about the service they’re interested, or view your portfolio simply by scanning the code with their smartphone, or tapping their smartphones against the brochure.

Printed Marketing Collateral Ideas | Website Design –

Invest In High-Quality Materials | Printed Marketing Collateral Ideas

Whether you’re printing a brochure or ordering a stack of business cards, pay special attention to the paper stock you’re using, as it can make or break your first impression. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how appealing the design is if the business card you hand out to a potential client gets dented or torn easily in their wallet. In other words, thicker, high-quality stock will help you leave an impression of a reliable, established industry leader and it might end up being the deciding factor between a potential client booking a session with you or moving on to another photographer.

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