Pro Photography Branding Tips | The Wait Is Over! Discover The Secrets Of Building Successful Photography Brands

Pro Photography Branding Tips | The Wait Is Over! Discover The Secrets ...

Pro Photography Branding Tips | Small business owners tend to believe that branding is something reserved only for the super successful people and world-renown companies. However, quite the opposite is true: branding is just as important for big and small businesses, and it can be the critical difference between success and failure. This is especially true for industries such as the photography industry that are becoming increasingly saturated. Get your brand right and you’ll turn your passion for photography into a solid source of income and happiness; get it wrong, though, and you’ll be more than likely to close down your business within the first year.

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That say that the first step is admitting you have a problem – in this case, realizing that you need to brand your photography business is the first step, and there are business owners that nail this first step. It’s what they do next is that counts – and oftentimes does the most damage. You’d be amazed just how many photographers and other small business owners out there mistakenly believe that branding is all about having a logo designed and calling it a day. While it is a vital element, your logo isn’t your brand. Curious what is? Read on to find out!

Your Brand Is Your Promise To Your Potential Clients | Pro Photography Branding Tips

The truth of the matter is that the photography equipment has never been more affordable, or as user-friendly as it is today, which means pretty much everyone with some extra cash can get their hands on some equipment and start a photography business. Heck, some of the photographers out there are probably just as talented as you are, and with that comes the challenge of standing out. If there are photographers just as creative and talented as you are out there, and they have access to the same equipment, what can you do to stand out?

Pro Photography Branding Tips | The Wait Is Over! Discover The Secrets ...

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That’s exactly what branding is supposed to solve – when done right, it should convey your message to your potential clients and make it clear why they should care about you, and what it is that you can do for them that no other photographer can do. Your unique selling point can, and should, be interwoven with your brand identity and clearly communicated with each item, so take your time to determine what it is that makes you different!

Your Brand Is Your Name | Pro Photography Branding Tips

Two of the most visible elements of any brand are the brand name and the logo, and you need to make sure you get them right, and that you get them right from the get-go. Changing either the logo or the name later on can do more damage than good, as it might alienate your existing clients and confuse potential ones. We’ve all seen major brands try and introduce a redesigned logo, only to face a backlash from their customers and change back. To avoid similar situations, you’ll want to gradually introduce changes to your logo to keep it looking fresh and current, instead of revamping the design completely.

Your Brand Is Your Voice | Pro Photography Branding Tips

Coming up with a unique message that resonates with your target audience is important – but don’t overlook the way you communicate that message, because the voice you use can make or break your entire brand. We’re talking about the language and the tone you use when engaging with your potential and existing clients, whether on your website, in an email, on social media, or even in person. There are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind when thinking of your brand’s voice. First, you need to ensure the voice you’re using is appropriate for your brand.

For example, if you’re trying to build a high-end luxury brand, you can’t really use a laid back tone of voice. Also, if your ideal clients are high-school seniors, you shouldn’t use an overly formal tone of voice. This might sound like an obvious piece of advice, yet you’d be amazed how many photographers out there use one tone on social media, and a completely different tone on their website to make it look and feel more reliable. This will only confuse your potential and existing clients and make them doubt your authenticity.

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Pro Photography Branding Tips | The Wait Is Over! Discover The Secrets ...

Your Brand Is Your Visual Appearance | Pro Photography Branding Tips

When it comes to your brand, your voice isn’t the only thing you’ll need to keep consistent – your visual identity needs to remain consistent throughout different platforms and materials. This is best achieved with branding guidelines. Whenever we design a logo for a client, we put together a short document with the brand’s colors and color scheme clearly defined, as well as the font families, style of graphics, and even some inspiration, so when our clients need something designed later on, they know which colors and fonts to use to ensure consistency.

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The goal here is that all of your branded materials look, feel, and sound like they came from the same source, and even if a potential client lays all of them on a desk, there’s a common theme tying together all of the items into a cohesive, memorable visual experience. Even if your designer hasn’t provided you with branding guidelines, you can go ahead and create your own, so you have them ready in case you hire a new designer that isn’t too familiar with your brand.

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