Professional Quality Logos | How To Create An Iconic Logo For Your Brand

Professional Quality Logos | How To Create An Iconic Logo For Your Brand

Professional quality logos are not designed overnight. As any experienced logo designer knows, designing a great logo requires an equally great design process to ensure that the outcome is outstanding. There are no shortcuts to a great logo design; if you don’t put in the work at each step of the design process, you won’t get the most optimal results. Take the time to do some research work, look at how other businesses, similar to your own, market themselves. Take a look at what your competitors are doing, how well does their logo and brand stand out? What about the logos for the companies that are aligned with what your brand is about?

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Always, however, be ethical – in looking for design ideas, you may come across a great logo design that is creative and clever, but it won’t do you any good to copy someone else’s work. Of course, in the first instance you rely on your graphic designer not to plagiarize others, but you also need to be ethical yourself and not attempt to lead them astray; It’s ok to show your designer examples of logos you like and that have attracted your attention, but your own logo design should not be too similar.

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Professional Quality Logos | How To Create An Iconic Logo For Your Brand

Start out right | Professional Quality Logos

When you’re in the market to have a new logo developed, there’s always the temptation to take some shortcuts. Trouble is, most of these ‘cookie cutter’ solutions will turn out to be neither inexpensive or fast, and may cause a ton of headaches down the road – especially when your fledgling company starts to become more high-profile. Although it’s impossible to see into the future, it is useful to picture your small business 5-10 years down the road, and think about what kind of products and services it will offer, if any at all! Even the strongest brands update their logo every 15 years or so, but often the changes will be subtle in nature.

Vector is Better

Although it’s tempting to use detailed illustrations and complex 3d effects in a logo design, chances are that it will not serve you well. A high quality logo should be able to work across a variety of mediums and formats. For this reason a logo should be designed in vector format, to ensure that it can be scaled to any size. Also, don’t include photos in your logo; photos don’t scale, have no branding value and are hard to adapt for any use. Clean, crisp lines with very limited colors are almost always more effective than an image or complex 3d rendering.

Color is Vitally Important

Choosing a color palette is one of the most fundamental parts of logo design. Interpretations of color may vary depending on age, gender, and cultural demographics, so your choices of color should be carefully considered depending on your target market. So a new, vibrant company may want to follow the current trends, whereas a bank may want to stay with a more conservative color set that will work well for them over a long period of time.

Try to keep your selection of colors down to two or three. Too many colors will increase your cost of production and make it more difficult to reproduce. Also, Make sure it works well in black and white. Here at MediaNovak we have a very simple technique for that: we work every logo in black and white before adding any colour. This way choices are made judging by the shapes and you are not distracted by anything else.

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Professional Quality Logos | How To Create An Iconic Logo For Your Brand

Professional Quality Logos | Website Design –

Leave trends to the fashion industry

Trends come and go, and when you’re talking about changing a pair of jeans, or buying a new dress, that’s fine, but where your brand identity is concerned, longevity is key. However, it’s often hard to escape trends, especially if you’re passionate and love to look at inspiring logos on design sites. Your logo has to work on the long run, so try to avoid the web 1.0 swoosh or the web 2.0 reflection.

Your logo is for your audience

Naturally, you want to like your logo (we’ve know lots of times were people are reluctant to use their logo as they no longer ‘like’ it). On the other hand, keep in mind that your logo is to appeal to your customers, and should be created with them in mind. If you are targeting upper middle class business people, your logo design will be vastly different from a company that targets teenagers who like to skateboard. If your logo design fails to catch the attention of your target group, your business will likely be passed over for the competition.

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