Professionally Designed Business Cards | Why professional business card design does not cost $50.00

Professionally Designed Business Cards | Why professional...

Professionally Designed Business Cards | Looking to do a little professional networking? A business card might help. Although we’re working in paperless offices more and more, the basic business card is still a mainstay of business. A good ol’ physical business card is just as effective for that networking event, trade fair or random grocery store encounter. It’s often the first thing potential clients get from you, so it’s your first chance to make a strong, positive impression on them. If you haven’t got professionally designed business cards you can give out to prospective clients or collaborators, you’re missing out on a vital marketing opportunity.

Professionally Designed Business Cards | Website Design –

Most business cards are dull, boring, and don’t say much about the person. To make yourself memorable, leave behind the ho-hum, stock-designed business cards in favor of something a bit more creative. Do you want a business card that has a little more zing? Here are some elements you can incorporate into your business cards to make them even more unique and impressive… and make sure they get a second look after they’ve made it to the recipient’s pocket. Who knows? It might be worth that little extra investment when your company stands out from the stack of cards already on everyone’s desk.

Professionally Designed Business Cards | Why professional...

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Choose the information for your card | Professionally Designed Business Cards

Remember that your business card’s primary function is for potential and current clients to be able to access your contact information. The information you provide on the card is vital to how effective it will be. Just the basics, please. Your name, your company, your logo, and a way to get in touch with you. Obviously your website should be on there, too. Space permitting, you can add your physical address, fax number, cell-phone number and company website address, if desired. Don’t make it too cluttered or busy.

Recycle old cards | Professionally Designed Business Cards

Old business cards, postcards or packaging can be re-purposed and given a new life as your business card. Recycling is both environmentally friendly and can allow you to express your creativity in new and exciting ways. Recycled cards are a great way to lessen your carbon footprint while creating a unique image for your brand. There are a lot of options out there from recycled paper, to soy-based ink, to reused paper and materials.

Rounded Corners | Professionally Designed Business Cards

The fact is, the vast majority of Americans still exchange cards when they first meet, according to a recent survey. You just need make sure your card pops out among the rest. Having all or some of the corners on your business card rounded can make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of your cards. We’ve seen squares, circles, ovals and triangles. Each shape made a connection to the brand, and each shape stood out from the endless regression of the same old rectangles.

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Professionally Designed Business Cards | Why professional...

Use special finishes | Professionally Designed Business Cards

An instant way to add impact to your business card, and make it stand out from the crowd, is to use a special finish. Special finishes include the likes of foil blocking, spot-UV and metallic inks. Embossing is a style of using a stamp in order to create a raised tracery on you business card in different shapes. This effect gives a business card texture and classical style.

Professionally Designed Business Cards | Website Design –

How many business cards have you kept and remembered after meeting someone new? A few? One? None? More than likely, you have thrown away or stored most of the business cards you were handed without giving them a second thought. Think about how you use other people’s business cards when you make decisions regarding your own. Do you get frustrated when you can’t quickly find the information you need? There’s really no excuse for amateurish design anymore. What impression do you want to give? Are you a professional or not?

When designing your business card, make sure it’s a positive reflection of both you and your company, and it mirrors your well-defined brand identity. Try to do something different and creative, even when it comes to business cards. There is just one chance to give a good first impression to your potential customers.

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