Quality Business Stationery Design | Print Marketing Is Alive In 2015! A Fool-Proof Way To Design The Ultimate Business Stationery

Quality Business Stationery Design | Print Marketing Is Alive ...

Quality Business Stationery Design | Imagine you have just had a lengthy conversation with an interested client, and the sale is all but guaranteed. “Can I have your business card?” they ask, to which you almost apologetically hand over a faded, boring piece of flimsy card. The paper that you use for official memos and letters to clients is going to represent your business, so it is vital that you pick something that is professional and upscale. You do not want to send the wrong message to existing or potential clients by using stationery that is not up to the standards of your products or services.

Quality Business Stationery Design | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Take a look at your business card. What does it say about your business? Just like business cards, business stationery is no longer used just to provide basic information about you and your business. Today, more and more small business owners are using personalized business stationery to convey the style and personality of their companies and make a lasting impression. The design of your stationery items should reflect the image that you want your brand to project, while making sure that your brand elements are incorporated in the design will help people recognize your business and understand the message that you’re trying to communicate.

Dare To Be Different | Quality Business Stationery Design

If you’ve seen one business card you’ve seen them all, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Even the smallest details can really make your stationery stand out. By being different in your business stationery design, you can make potential clients sit up and take note when they get your direct mail. People still get stacks of mail every day, so make sure yours stays top of the pile through a beautiful, attention-catching visual.

Quality Business Stationery Design | Print Marketing Is Alive ...

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Pay Attention To Paper Quality | Quality Business Stationery Design

Nothing will make or break your business stationery like the quality of the paper you choose. Because you want the paper to give a formal and professional tone, you should go with a thick and glossy option. Yes, printing on thinner paper is more affordable, but what does that say about you as a business? If you can, try to use the best stock available, because it can speak volumes. If you create a flimsy and poorly designed piece of custom printing stationery – let’s say a brochure – your clients are likely to compare the quality of your brochure to the quality of your services. Bad move!

Branding | Quality Business Stationery Design

Branding is a top priority for most businesses and allows clients to build up recognition for your business. Business owners rightly focus their marketing efforts on high impact online and offline activity, essentially doing everything to boost sales. When it comes to brand recognition, consistency is critical, so you’ll have to make sure that what a client reads, sees, or experiences is reflected in your business stationery.

Keep It Short And Simple | Quality Business Stationery Design

Create a stationery design for your business that most effectively serves the needs of your company. Do not over-use complex effects that call attention to themselves – use such enhancements carefully. No matter what the goal of your letter might be, it’s always best keep your message short and simple. By staying brief, you will get your point across faster, and will avoid wasting your client’s time.

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Quality Business Stationery Design | Print Marketing Is Alive ...

Color Scheme | Quality Business Stationery Design

When you are designing your stationery, you will have to consider the color scheme. You should go with complementary colors for the paper, as they tend to look best together. So many businesses choose mono or two-color schemes for their stationery, because there is often the belief that this gives a more professional look. However, your business stationary should include color to make it stand out. Matching the colors in your logo to those on your stationery is a good idea for branding purposes. Boost the vibrancy of your compliments slips, and breathe some life into your business cards so you give yourself every chance of getting that brand memorability.

Quality Business Stationery Design | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Contact Information | Quality Business Stationery Design

Effective business stationery must include your contact information. Including your company address, phone number, email address, fax number and any other methods of communication that you feel are crucial into the design of your stationery will make it simple for clients to reach you. Leaving out extra information will keep the look of your letterhead clean and readable. And make sure the information on the letterhead is correct!

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