Quick Business Stationery Design | Get The Most Out Of Your Stationery: Secrets To Great Stationery Design

Quick Business Stationery Design | Get The Most Out Of You

Quick Business Stationery Design | Recognition of the company is the crucial element of running a successful business. No matter the size of your business, keeping a consistent brand image throughout all of your various marketing materials can mean the difference between success or failure for you and your company. Just like business cards, business stationery isn’t used just to provide potential clients with basic information about you and your business. Today, more and more entrepreneurs are using well-designed business stationery to communicate the image and personality of their brands to leave a long lasting impression.

Quick Business Stationery Design | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

In today’s online world, business stationery has become the last tangible piece of marketing, making your stationery design vital in leaving a lasting impression. Building a brand cannot be done using one medium or marketing activity – every touch point has to be taken into consideration to help you reach, motivate, convert and nurture your relationship with your clients and business partners. Everything in your business stationery design matters if you’re hoping to make the best possible first impression. You only get one chance! Read through our quick business stationery design tips to make sure your design conveys your company in the best light.

Business Logo | Quick Business Stationery Design

Business stationery is a form of direct representation for your company. In this case, any communication or exchange of stationery items should convey your business in a professional and credible manner, and the quality of your stationery will uphold this representation. Regardless of where you want to place your company’s logo in your layout, it is critical to go for a design that is simple but stands out on the paper. The logo has to be simple, powerful and versatile, because it will be implemented into various methods of printing and will have to be scalable to fit items as big as billboard banners and small for items like pens and business cards.

Quick Business Stationery Design | Get The Most Out Of You

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Branding | Quick Business Stationery Design

Branding is a top priority for most businesses and enables clients to build up recognition for your logo. Clients are always willing to do business with an established brand as their trust will be unfailing, so custom printing stationery items can not only help you build your brand but also act as a powerful marketing campaign. Matching the colors in your logo to those on your stationery is a good idea for branding purposes. Choose complementary colors for your stationery, as they look best together.

Font Type | Quick Business Stationery Design

While most companies will try and stand out from the crowd with their custom printing designs, make sure that you do not choose unreadable or complicated fonts. Your clients will be looking for text that is easy on the eye, that can communicate information clearly and efficiently. Your text should be printed in an simple-to-read format, aligned left to right. Using no more than two different fonts keeps the style consistent and the text readable.

Paper Quality | Quick Business Stationery Design

Nothing can replace the experience of holding a tangible letter. Cards sent through the mail have a more personal feel to them partly because they take time and effort to be created, whereas an email can be completed in an instant. The very first impression you make won’t be through your logo, color scheme or design. It will be the feel of the paper as your potential client or business partner is removing your letter from its envelope. They will certainly notice the difference between standard photocopier paper and something more expensive.

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Quick Business Stationery Design | Get The Most Out Of You

Contact Information | Quick Business Stationery Design

As obvious as it may sound, make sure you always include contact information on your custom stationery items, and keep in mind that you will have to choose the most appropriate and important contact details for each stationery item (as some of the items may not be big enough to fit them all on!). As with all forms of communication, your stationery has to be functional. Its design should allow for easy readability of your company’s important information: name, address, phone number, email address, as well as other important information (such as registration numbers).

Quick Business Stationery Design | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Space | Quick Business Stationery Design

Never be afraid of white space! While you may be tempted to fill in every inch of your stationery with information or even images, this may result in your stationery becoming too cluttered and a potential client will lose interest quite quickly. Try and leave plenty of space between the letterhead and the start of your message and do the same for the footer of the page. Don’t become too obsessed with cramming in all the information you possibly can. The message is key.

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