Quick Photography Marketing Guide | 7 Power Marketing Tips To Book That Gig!

Quick Photography Marketing Guide | 7 Power Marketing Tips To Book...

Quick Photography Marketing Guide | The truth of the matter is that pretty much anyone with some extra cash on their hands can start a photography business. However, only a few businesses will actually survive and thrive. At the end of the day, in order to turn your business idea into a success story, you’ll need a lot more than just professional equipment and the good eye for composition. You’ll need great marketing skills!

Quick Photography Marketing Guide | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Marketing your business and the services you’re providing will be one of the most difficult tasks you’ll have to face time and time again. But it’s also one of the most important tasks that will be the critical difference between success and failure, so we gathered some of the most effective marketing tips to help you book more gigs and grow your business without blowing your entire budget!

Know Your Ideal Client | Quick Photography Marketing Guide

Many photographers feel like they need to take up every gig coming their way, especially if they’re just starting out, however, by clearly defining your target audience, you’ll have a much better chance of standing out from the crowd of other shooters. Not only will you have a better idea what equipment you’ll need to invest in, but you’ll also know how to reach and engage your potential clients on a level they know and feel comfortable with!

Quick Photography Marketing Guide | 7 Power Marketing Tips To Book...

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Create A Website That Appeals To Your Ideal Client | Quick Photography Marketing Guide

We live in a digital era, and it’s only natural that more and more businesses are moving online. Many photographers no longer have printed portfolios, opting for digital showcase of their work, and for good reason – a professionally designed website will allow you to showcase your work to a much wider audience, but it will also provide potential clients with everything they need to contact you, and it will act as the central hub of your entire online presence, tying together all your profiles and accounts across different platforms.

Get Traffic To Your Website | Quick Photography Marketing Guide

Just because you have a website online, it doesn’t mean potential clients will come rushing to check it out. Even the world’s most appealing website won’t do you much good unless people can actually find it – and this is where search engine optimization, or SEO, comes in! You should definitely consider investing in a monthly contract with a reputable SEO agency, but there are also certain things you can do to boost your search engine rankings. One of the most important things you can do is to optimize each and every image you upload to your website and use your target keyword in the ALT tags.

Blog On A Regular Basis | Quick Photography Marketing Guide

Another great tip for boosting your search engine rankings is to set up a blog on your website and blog on a regular basis. This will provide you with ample opportunities to use your target keywords, but it will also keep your visitors coming back for more. Think about it – if you update your portfolio every 3-6 months, why should a visitor return to your website any time soon? Last, but not least, a regularly updated blog will let your potential clients get to know you a bit better and feel much comfortable working with you.

Align Yourself With Businesses That Have The Same Ideal Clients As You | Quick Photography Marketing Guide

In order to get the best results out of your networking efforts, keep in mind that not every network was created equal. You’ll need to figure out who to approach, because not every business owner is a great candidate. For example, if your main focus is wedding photography, you should consider approaching wedding planners, cake decorators, florists, and even venue owners. You’d be surprised how loyal business owners can be to each other once they really hit it off, so send them a free gift like a free shot of their product and let them know how much you appreciate referrals!

Rock Your Social Media | Quick Photography Marketing Guide

Just because you’re amazing at face-to-face networking, it doesn’t mean you should neglect social media and online networks. Get your name out there! Find where your ideal clients spend their time and find a way to get on their radar – join the conversation, share tips and tricks, offer special discounts for your fans and followers, and reply to each and every message. The best part about social media is that it doesn’t require more than 20 minutes a day once you get going, and you’ll start seeing results sooner than you think!

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Quick Photography Marketing Guide | 7 Power Marketing Tips To Book...

Don’t Forget About Testimonials | Quick Photography Marketing Guide

Social validation has never been more important – people are looking for reviews and ratings for pretty much everything they’re interested in purchasing, and photography services are no exception. This is why you should consider setting up a separate page on your website for testimonials. Ask your satisfied clients to write down a quick testimonial about the experience they had working with you and publish it on your website. Then, once you have it on your website, offer your client a free print if they agree to share the review with their social media friends and followers.

Quick Photography Marketing Guide | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

It’s Easier Than You Think | Quick Photography Marketing Guide

All marketing campaigns are unique, but that doesn’t mean they have nothing in common! The first element of every successful campaign is a clearly defined audience, a solid plan and an appealing marketing message. Once you know who your ideal client is and what you can do for them, you’ll be able to stand out and grab their attention without spending your entire budget!

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