Quick Photography Portfolio Tips | Show. Don’t Tell. – 6 Most Overlooked Elements Of A Wildly Successful Portfolio

Quick Photography Portfolio Tips | Show. Don't Tell. - 6 Most ...

Quick Photography Portfolio Tips | There’s nothing more vital to your business than presenting your best work in an appealing, professional, and accessible way. How much time do you spend working on your portfolio? Does it illustrate your skills? Your portfolio is the showcase of your work, your talents, and your potential. The more time and effort you invest in a usable and nice-looking photography portfolio, the higher are your chances for getting better account balance at the end of the month.

Quick Photography Portfolio Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Having an effective, appealing portfolio is a powerful way to illustrate your work to potential clients. It can help boost your brand, build personality, and showcase the absolute best of your photography. So how can you make sure your portfolio is better than the portfolios of your competitors? How can you point potential client’s attention to your works?

Simple, But Professional Presentation | Quick Photography Portfolio Tips

The goal of your portfolio is to make your work accessible. Flashy, animated designs may capture attention, but they can distract from the actual work you’re trying to showcase. The presentation of your photography is essential to the reaction from viewers. A badly presented collection of great photographs just won’t do you any good, and you’ll come away disappointed. Simplicity in the interface and visual design of your online portfolio will push your work to the surface, where it should be. On the content side of things, this means focusing on quality over quantity. If you do have a lot of work, you don’t necessarily need to showcase all of it.

Quick Photography Portfolio Tips | Show. Don't Tell. - 6 Most ...

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Define And Design For Your Audience | Quick Photography Portfolio Tips

Depending on your circumstance and goals, your portfolio will without a doubt be seen by different people. Defining your target audience is a major, and one of the first considerations, because it will help you set tone, theme, and outline general communication objectives before you even start picking up a sketch pad. Consider this the research part of your design process. The more you target your design to a specific market, the more it will speak to the visitor within that market. Design the portfolio you think your clients want to see. This is the point.

Curate Your Best Work | Quick Photography Portfolio Tips

Don’t make the mistake of trying to show off too much of your work. The rule is really simple, if you want your portfolio to make an impression really quick, you have to show only your best works. Don’t try to showcase everything you have, choose some of the most impressive works which could illustrate your skills efficiently. Potential clients don’t need to see EVERYTHING. Instead, be more selective. The work that you choose to showcase should be the type of work that you want to be hired to do in the future.

Navigation Is Key | Quick Photography Portfolio Tips

As with any website, being able to navigate around is incredibly crucial. Make sure that your navigation links are prominently placed, and it’s obvious which page the visitor is currently viewing. If a large number of people coming to see your portfolio have difficulty navigating through it, your portfolio will fail to meet its goals.

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Quick Photography Portfolio Tips | Show. Don't Tell. - 6 Most ...

Keep Adding New Work | Quick Photography Portfolio Tips

Frequently updated portfolios show that you take enough pride in your work to actively produce more. Even if your portfolio includes a few unfinished projects, provide samples alongside a “work in progress” note. Your portfolio should be an evolving marketing tool. It has to encapsulate your full range of skills, and most impressive achievements. Firstly, it shows that you’re an active and popular photographer, and prevents the website becoming “stale”. Secondly, as you shoot more, your style and standard will no doubt improve – this has to be reflected in your portfolio too.

Quick Photography Portfolio Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Build Credibility | Quick Photography Portfolio Tips

It’s vital to build and maintain credibility. It’s a fact that by listing your contact on your portfolio website, the chances of getting work from the potential clients will increase. To make their life even easier, it is better to put your contact information on every page, be it on site header or footer, so that they can find the information easily without going here and there. If there is a chance for you to include testimonials from your previous clients, especially clients from big brands, you must add them. It not only shows the clients’ recognition on your expertise, but also lets the potential clients know what they can expect from both your skills and work ethic.

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